How do you graduate Marine boot camp with the rank of PFC?

What do you have to do?


How long would it take me to get to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps?


How long would it take to get to Corporal?

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    If you are not a guaranteed PFC prior to boot camp then you will have to be meritoriously promoted..

    DI's are encouraged to promote as many recruits as they feel should be..You have to just stick out and perform at the best of levels..

    Many high scores(rifle, pft),squad leaders, and guides will be promoted.

    To make gunny will take about 15 years..It will depend on your MOS but the 15 year mark is a good gauge..

    To make CPL will take about between your 3rd and 4th year..There are several scenarios which could speed up these promotions..Some people pick up CPL after two years but the majority will get it near the end of the 3rd year or after that..

  • To get a PFC rank have 1 of the following:

    meritorious promotion at boot camp and/or Company Honor Man. Some who came in as PFCs get Company Honor Man and get promoted to Lcpl after graduation.

    12 college credits (when i joined in 2006) must have at least 2.3 GPA.

    2 referrals while in DEP.

    Was an Eagle Scout in Boy Scout or Girl Scout equivalent.

    Was in JROTC (must of graduated from high school with diploma) or ROTC for 2 yrs.

    Prior service (6 months or more of active duty.)

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    when I went through the top people were promoted to PFC.

    I don't remember how many, but I think it was 7 or 8 out of a platoon of 87.

    It will take a long time to get to Gunney.

    Most Gunnery Sergeants are near 20 years.

    Rank depends on your MOS and the openings available for promotion.

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    When I was in they had 6 guaranteed PFC ratings. Squad leader, guide on, and house mouse. I understand now they take Eagle scout and JROTC as additional qualifiers.

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    from what ive been told its possible to be PFC after boot

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