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is their any movie on the Terracotta army?

i wrote a book on the Terracotta army and i want to know if their is any fiction movie or book on it?


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    Qin Shi Huangdi in fiction:

    Films and television

    * The 1963 Japanese movie Shin No Shikoutei portrays Qin Shihuang as a battle-hardened emperor with his roots in the military. Despite his rank, he is shown lounging around a campfire with common men. A female character, Lady Chu, serves as a foil who questions whether the emperor's cause is just. He converts her from an enemy to a loyal concubine.

    * In the 1986 film Big Trouble in Little China, the First Emperor is said to have been responsible for the sorcerer Lo Pan's curse.

    * Hong Kong Asia Television Limited (ATV) Channel made a TV drama called "The Rise of the Great Wall - Emperor Qin Shi Huang" (秦始皇) during the 1980s. It was one of ATV's most expensive projects, with 63 episodes chronicling Qin Shi Huang's life from his birth to his death. The title song summed up most of the storyline: "The land shall be under my foot; nobody shall be equal to me."

    * The 1996 movie The Emperor's Shadow uses legends about Qin Shi Huang to make a political statement on Chinese Communism. The film focuses on his relationship with the rebellious musician Gao Jianli, known historically as a friend of the would-be assassin Jing Ke. Gao plays a song for the assassin before he sets out to kill the emperor.

    * The 1999 movie The Emperor and the Assassin focuses on the identity of the emperor's father, his supposed heartless treatment of his officials, and a betrayal by his childhood lover, paving the way for Jing Ke's assassination attempt. The director of the film, Chen Kaige, sought to question whether the emperor's motives were meritorious. A major theme in this movie is the conflict between the Emperor’s dedication to his vows and to his lover, Lady Zhao.

    * In the animated series Histeria, Pepper Mills wanted Shi Huang Di's autograph, thinking he was Scooby Doo.

    * The 2001 Hong Kong TVB serial drama A Step into the Past, based on a book with the same title, stars Raymond Lam Fung as Zhao Pan, a man from the Kingdom of Zhao who takes over the identity of the emperor (called "Ying Zheng") and rises to power. He is unwittingly helped by Hong Siu Lung, a time traveller from the 21st century.

    * The 2002 movie Hero, starring Jet Li, tells the story of assassination attempts on Qin Shi Huang (played by renowned Chinese actor Chen Daoming) by legendary warriors. It portrays him as a powerful ruler willing to take any steps to bring unification to his people.

    * In 2005 The Discovery Channel ran a drama-documentary special on Qin Shi Huang called First Emperor: The Man Who Made China, featuring James Pax as the emperor. It was shown on the UK Channel 4 in 2006.

    * In The Myth (2005), Jackie Chan plays both a modern-day archaeologist and a general under Qin Shi Huang. Kim Hee-sun starred alongside Jackie Chan as a Korean Princess who was forced to marry Qin Shi Huang.

    * Bob Bainborough portrayed Qin Shi Huang in an episode of History Bites.

    * In the animated Martin Mystery series, the hero finds that the Terracotta Army is actually kept to keep the First Emperor inside his tomb and not help him in the spiritual world.

    * In My Date With A Vampire series 2, a flashback shows that Qin Shi Huang was the Emperor who was deceived that the way to having Immortality was found, and was turned into a vampire.

    * In the 2008 film The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, the titular Dragon Emperor (Jet Li), an obvious Qin Shi Huang pastiche, is the film's main antagonist.

    The movie The Emperor and the Assassin focused on the identity of his father, his heartless treament of his officials, and betrayal by a concubine, paving the way for Jing Ke's assassination attempt.

    The 2002 movie Hero tells the story of assassination attempts of the king of Qin by legendary warriors. Though the king is not named during the film, he does express his dreams of unifying China and the assassins consider him likely to fulfil them. So he is probably King Ying Zheng.

    Source(s): answerer dick is referring to your use of the word "their", which implies possession. in this instance you would have wanted to use the word "there", as in "existence." "is there a movie or book about the King of Qin?" incidentally this is the emperor after which and for whom the terracotta army was created.
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    For the best answers, search on this site

    I don't know about historic, but Lara Croft Tomb Raider The Cradle of Life has a cool terracotta army scene

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    There is a documertary produces for public telvision.

    You can purchase it online at under china's first emporer soldiers. Try or Frontline publications

    they have a outstanding presentation series there for you.

    The teachers volume follow along version with a outline is

    in the library on pbs,org too. Cheers

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    The Terra Cotta Army will be featured in the new "Mummy" movie.

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    lmao....Given your grammar...Im pretty sure you didnt write a book about anything.....but why do you ask???

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    ask ur library

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    i do not know

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