huge k-rod trade! HELP!?

i need another good reliever cause i only have lidge , and thats not enough and now i ahve been trying to egt red hot k-rod...should i accept this trade

i would get K-rod and Matt Garza

I would lose James Shields Albert Pujols

Now he just picked up garza from FA , and im a rays fan and think garza will end up doing better by the end of the year anyways.....

i have lance berkman for 1B so im not really sweating whether or not im losing him , even though i should...

i think just k-rod for both would be a decent trade...

should i accept it?

i really need saves plus i will still have solid SP in webb,kazmir,dice-k,duchscherer,garland,dempster,harden,chamberlain,and soon to be david price , plus matt garza...

i think i should do it because pujols is slowing down and k-rod will always get saves playing for the angels.


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  • Pronk
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    1 decade ago
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    Nah,K.Rod is good,but I try NOT to go after red hot players.

    They cost to much.Also,Pujols will help your team in more ways then K.Rod.And if the Angels start losing,and/or winning

    by more then 3 runs,your screwed.You might be able to get someone like G.Sherrill for just J.Shields.Don't get me wrong,I love ransoming off closers.At the beginning of the year I traded Putz+Verlander for Johan Santana...And now I'd

    love to cash in on another one of my 5 closers.But if you're on the recieving end beware of trading for closers,because their playing time is a crap shoot!~~~Good Luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, Definitely do it, Albert is Slowing down, and James Shields is Not even average, Its always good to have a fresh new hand in Garza, and especially K-Rod, I say YES

  • 1 decade ago

    No way you should do this. Pujols will carry your AVG, RBI, and HR stats. Saves can be found on free agency list. Got Broxton? Keep eyes on closer injury reports. No way this helps you in the long term.

  • 1 decade ago

    HELL NO YOU DUMBASS. Closers come a dime a dozen. Giving up both of those guys is just absurd. You are a flippin idiot. Take a step back and evaluate your life. It sucks doesn't it. That is absolutely piss poor and hope they ban you from asking questions and/or playing fantasy sports in general. Unbelievable.

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