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billy idol music video and they pulled up in a car at a house and got in the car?

sorry i don't remember much but they had a car and it was a convertible and i think beeped at the girls house and she waved out the window and got in the car and they drove or something?

does this ring a bell?=P it sure doesn't for me

thank you so much if you remember, or know other videos like this

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    Ozzy Osbourne video"shot in the dark" starts out that way..

    billys videos:white wedding,hot in the city,cradle of love,(great hot! video. , to be a lover, dont remember any scenes like that in those theres a scene in the movie "FORD FAIRLANE" where cradle of love is playing and a Jeep with some girls in it pulls up in front of a soroity house...good luck.

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