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Moses s'posses his toses are roses?

me and my friend both have a vague memory of having a sleepover and thinking we were awesome for staying up late. Anyway there was an old movie on tv and all either of us can remember is there was a song where some men were chanting "moses s'posses his toses are roses"

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    Singin' in the Rain (1952)

    starring Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Jean Hagen, Kathleen Freeman

    IMDb synopsis:

    In 1927, the former stunt Don Lockwood becomes a successful actor with the company of his best friend, Cosmo Brown, forming a romantic pair with the actress Lina Lamont. In the period of transition from silent movies to talking pictures, Don accidentally meets the aspirant actress Kathy Selden while escaping from his fans and falls in love with her. Lina has troubles with her voice, and Cosmo and Don decide to dub her, using Kathy's voice, to save their movie.

    They start singing this during an elocution lesson:

    Moses supposes his toeses are roses

    Moses supposes erroneously!

    Here's the scene on YouTube!

    Youtube thumbnail

    When I watch this movie, this number drives me crazy afterwards, becoming an "earworm" I can't get rid of!

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    Singing in the Rain. Love that movie!

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