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Do shots hurt?

I havent been to the doctors in a long time and im going into college into the fall so i have to get a physical and that unfortunately means needles as well. I just talked to my mom and she said that Im going to need tetnus, chicken pox(the second one), meningitis, and gardasil. How bad do these shots hurt? They all go in your arms right? I also have to have blood taken which I have never done before. Does this hurt? Please give me any advice about needles that you can!

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    k if you're going into college you shouldn't be this scared but whatever....

    tetnus makes your arm swell up for a while and hurts after.

    chicken pox i don't remember leaving anything after the fact.

    meningitis doesn't leave any pain behind.

    and gardisil will be sore a little while after but not for long.

    all of these shots are smaller needles and feel like something going through the skin, it's not a big deal but most of them hurt for like 5 minutes after. blood is like that but it keeps feeling like that


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    Having blood drawn has never hurt me much, it's just more of a pinch. With the shots it seems like some are worse than others. Take a deep breath, screw up your face (I think that really helps) and just think about how great it is to be going to college. At least this will be the last time you have to go through all that!

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    Some of those ones hurt and some of them don't. You never got your chicken pox shot before?! I can imagine that'd hurt.

    Don't sweat it, it can't be too bad. Plus you're going to college, I mean, c'mon! :)

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    the shots you can barely feel

    know blood is a differnent story but be carful do not srtess the arm while they are doing it cause it will sweel badley

    and also it swells a little after words that goes down with ice

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    it's a needle in your skin. It hurts 3 standard pain units! there is really no way to answer the question.

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