Does anybody remember this... (please help. need it for class project)?

About 3-5 years ago, there was this huge accident involving a 5 year-old boy, a little toddler girl, and a one-year old girl. Their van was struck by a semi-truck on their way home from a carnival or something. And I know that about a year after their deaths, their parents miraculously were pregnant with triplets- two girls and one boy.

Anyway, there is a YouTube video about the three children who died, and I really need to find it. I know that it uses "I Still Cry" by Ilse de Lange in it, and that one of the daughter's names was Emma, but that's all I can remember.

Thanks for taking the time to read my question, and hopefully answering it!



This accident also made world news, because on the video there was footage of a reporter talking with this couple about the whole experience, if that helps at all.

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    The names of the three children are Kyle, Emma, and Katie Coble. Just search their names on Youtube and you will get the video.

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