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Who is the Best Wiccan Author and the Worst? And Why?

I'm just curious about what everyone thinks, and why they think that. ;)


Names preferably, btw, and then the reason why you like them and why you don't. Thanks :)

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    Raven Grimassi is great because he actually goes into the deeper Mysteries and reveals the historical roots of modern beliefs. Scott Cunningham was also great because he present Wicca in such a way that it can be easily understood by people who have never even heard of it.

    The worst though.... I am unsure. Without naming names, any author that publishes supposed books of Wiccan love spells, revenge spells, or tries to claim that WIcca was around before the 1930's.

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    Wiccan Authors

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    Best depends on what you're looking for really.

    I think the best starter is Scott Cunningham.

    The worst is Silver Ravenwolf - her research is shoddy, her advice to teens is horrible, she has a major paranoid streak and is out for money.

    DJ Conway also is among the worst - her Celtic Magic and Norse Magic are EXACTLY the same - just the names are changed and neither has anything actually Celtic or Norse religiously in there.

    Once you get into specific topics, you get best and worst authors. So, like paganism, you need to narrow down your topic.

    Overall - best: Scott Cunningham

    Worst - Silver Ravenwolf and DJ Conway

    # # #

    Something that I do is hit and do a search for books. I read the Readers Reviews - not the publisher's reviews. You get a wider and more realistic overview of a book.

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    My favorite book is by Deborah Lipp, which is the closest I can come to a favorite author. She's one of the few writers that gets beyond Wicca 101 and really gets down in the "how" and "why" of what we do instead of just writing instruction manuals.

    I have a few least favorites. If I have to choose I'd say Edain McCoy thanks to her "Witta" fiasco. DJ Conway and Silver Ravenwolf are close runners up. I object to all three on the grounds that they just make stuff up and then acredit it to history when they clearly haven't the foggiest clue what they are talking about. I have a lot of ethical objections to Ravenwolf as well.

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    Merry Meet Aurora,

    I prefer to focus on the good books and not the bad. Anything by Scott Cunningham is good because they are easy reading and has a lot of eclectic influences. His beginner book Wicca: A guide for the solitary practitioner is very easy reading, but does lean to Eclectic Wicca. Then you have Wicca for Beginners by Thea Sabin, which is a little harder reading, but accurate as well as very insightful on the craft. In fact we recommend both these authors as well as the next to our members for reading. The final book that I would love to suggest is the Circle Within by Dianne Sylvan is more of an intermediate book on the Craft. Very easy reading and it sheds a lot of light on basic practices as well as valid concepts of how we should apply Wiccan in our daily lives.

    As for a list of the worst books on Wicca, in my opinion causes more harm then good and by placing a light on them really won’t help anyone out. So my apologies for leaving this out of my answer!

    I most likely rambled way too long, but I hope that some of what I have said helps shed some light on your question.

    Blessed Be


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    I'm not exactly sure, I've heard a good deal of bad information on Scott Cunningham's work. Personally, I've been more interested in learning of Celtic Polytheism - but try checking a Wiccan website. Or even just cruise at your local bookstore and check some out for yourself!

    Good luck to you.

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    Recommending an author is often very subjective as Wicca is not cast in stone and is a personal relationship with the Universe. But as far as personal preferences here are some of mine: Scott Cunningham, probably one of the best for explaining the basics of Wicca without preaching it at you, additionally his book "The Truth About Witchcraft Today" is a great book to give to others to read to explain what it is you are interested in and that it isn't a cult or evil thing. Doreen Valiente, if you are looking for someone who was there are the birth/rebirth of Wicca look no further, Doreen Valiente offers great advice as well as an inside look at the founding of modern Wicca. Ted Andrews, if you own no other books about Wicca, "Animal Speak" is the one to own. Although it revolves more around animal spirit guides and totem animals you will find yourself referring to this one time and time again. The presence of animals is all around us and when they appear, either in dreams, meditations, or real world, they are there for a reason. Pay head to them. Edain McCoy's book, "Sabbats", can be an wonderful resource for information about our 8 major celebrations throughout the year. Highly recommended. Janet and Stewart Farrar's, "The Witch's God" and "The Witch's Goddess" are also great reads about the major archetypes of religion in general. There are also many other good authors out there but again it depends upon your personal taste... As far as author's to avoid, I know I will be unpopular with some Wiccans but I really don't like the writing of Silver Ravenwolf, I find her books are targeted at angry teen girls who want to upset their parents, I definitely didn't like her most popular book, "To Ride a Silver Broomstick" where she actually tells teens to hide their interest in Wicca from parents which could only make matters worse in my opinion. I also recommend staying away from any books that tell you that theirs is the oldest tradition and the only way to practice Wicca. Bright Blessings )O(

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    Silver Ravenwolf and D.J. Conway are the absolute worst. As far as good authors, Starhawk and Marion Weinstein are good, but they both lean towards Dianic Wicca. I believe in the balance. Raymond Buckland has some good stuff and some stuff that sucks. I can go either way on Scott Cunningham too.

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    I like Scott Cunningham as he is really good for beginners. He shared quite a bit of knowledge.

    Raymond Buckland, I enjoyed reading. I also like Kerr Cuhulain, he gets down and explains things. Margo Alder, is not for a light read and one reason I like her. Also Patricia Telesco is good.

    I don't particularly like Silver Ravenwolf but I imagine someone will find something in her writing they like.

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    I like Dorothy Morrison and I'm dying to read "Utterly Wicked", I love the book cover!

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