how is Final Fantasy XIII's combat?

I know that almost all FF series are all RPG, but I've heard that the FFXlll combat looks kinda differend. I am a big fan of Final Fantasy and I cant wait till it comes out!!!!! So at least i wanna know the combat.

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    I'm afraid very, very little information has been released about FFXIII so far (abominably little, for a game that was announced over two years ago), and the details of the combat system remain almost entirely shrouded in mystery.

    A few details were revealed, such as an "Overclock" system similar to Limit Breaks, the ability to use your surroundings in battle (as in, if you were riding on a motorcycle and were attacked, you'd be able to use the motorcycle in battle), summons are confirmed, and you could spot a few seconds of battle in the Dengeki Cloud DVD FFXIII trailer.

    Of course, I don't know how rock-solid this information is, but I'm pretty sure it's confirmed :/ (Hah, sorry for such a flimsy answer.)

    For all the details that have been released so far on any of the FFXIII projects, and for quick updates on FFXIII news, I recommend you visit

    The site recently underwent some revamping, though, so I'm not sure how well it'd agree with your browser.

  • Cindy
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    Final Fantasy games are a lot different than Kindom Hearts, but both game series are extraordinary: the characters, storyline, and gameplay are just really fun and enjoyable. If you really enjoy RPGs, then you should get FFXIII. You don't have to play previous final fantasies because each one has different characters and a different storyline. Final Fantasy 13's battle system is a lot different than previous games. It requires a lot of strategizing and tactics, but it's really fun. Sure, it's linear, but the game itself is over 60 hours long so if it wasn't, the game would just be boringly long. Plus, walking aimlessly from one place to another and getting lost would get players to focus less on the unique storyline, so I don't mind the linearity at all. (though by chapter 11, the game gets less linear). I love all of the characters, especially Lightning (the main protagonist), but despise Vanille's squeaky voice. That doesn't make me hate the game though. If you're still not sure whether to get FFXIII, then rent it, like Noctis said. I'm sure you'll enjoy it :) After you complete the main storyline, you still have a lot of playable time such as side quests and stuff.

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