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What else do I need to get into an Ivy League university?

I am going to be a junior at a public high school in California. I feel like I am in a great position to get into many amazing colleges, but my dream is to get accepted into Ivy Leauge schools. What else do I need?

-I am ranked number 1 in my class of 583.

-My GPA is 4.633 weighted and 4.0 unweighted.

-I was involved in Class as Historian freshmen year, I was Commissioner of Student Affairs on ASB sophmore year, and next year I will be Vice President of Junior class and a member at large on ASB, which will give me two years of student government, and a third after senior year.

-I have been on cheer since I was a freshmen and intend to continue till I graduate, along with taking tumbling classes at our local YMCA.

-I am going to be Co-Chair for a March of Dimes youth council, my second year being involved. It is a non-profit organization that works to improve the health of babies.

-Freshmen year I volunteered 40 hours at a hospital, and last year I was a Mother Goose Princess.

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    You have alot of great qualifications. Make sure your standardized test scores are good too. You may also want to look into sports.

    The funny thing with Ivy League schools is theres ALOT of people who apply there who have qualifications just as good as yours. MIT for example receives hundreds of valedictorians applying there but they can't accept them all. Most of them would be from Massachusetts too. If you were from say Michigan though your chances of getting in would be alot better (so go for schools a distance away).

    They want people who have what they're looking for too. Meaning if a school wants a better football team and you have a good football record then that would also increase your chances.

    Your qualifications are great so this advice should help you as long as you keep those qualifications up :-) Those are extremely important.

    Lastly don't be discouraged if you don't get in to one of the schools. There are more Ivy League schools and if you don't get into any of those there are still a ton of great colleges that aren't Ivy League that'd love to have you there. Oh be sure to take other peoples advice into account too.

    Tell me how is goes.

    Best wishes

    Source(s): Experience from a great private school, advice from upperclassmen, advice from a teacher who went to Georgetown, advice from another great teacher (don't know the college they went to), family members in college
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    i would try a sport to show that you are well-rounded. Also, do extremely well on your SAT's and get a good score on the ACT's as well. Trust me, 1800's will not get you into an Ivy League college. And, be personable in your essays and in your interviews, not just the usual "I'm perfect." Just do not get senioritis! But, just a comment...Ivy League is not all it is made out to be. It is better to get a master's or doctorate from an instiute like that. it would save you money to start out at a state school that is still competitive like Berkley. and a question, how do you know your rank as a sophmore? Good luck.

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    Cure cancer. Be the child of an influential/rich/powerful person.

    If you can't do that, you can also look at trying to get the best recommendations possible and thoroughly polish your essays. The rest of your stats look pretty impressive already. Just be forewarned though, admission into an Ivy League University is at times random and there is no sure way to get into one unless you actually have cured cancer (even that might be debatable) or you are the legacy of a family who has donated millions *cough* BUSH *cough* . Good luck!

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    What are your SAT/ACT scores? SAT Subject Test scores? AP Test scores? These are all relevant.

    Suggest you read A Is For Admission, a very helpful book re: Ivy League/highly competitive college admission.

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    Add a 2250 plus SATI and 3 750 plus SATIIs, great teacher and counselor recs and a great essy and you'll have a lottery ticket to the ivies. Good luck!

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    have you won any official awards as a cheerleader or in the community? Apply for them.

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    LOTS of money. Otherwise your record looks pretty darn good.

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