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How much should I tip a cab driver in San Antonio, TX?

I already looked up the fare estimator, so we have prepared for that part of the payment. However, I have never had to take a cab before and we figured it would be cheaper than leaving the car at the airport since we are close to the airport. We live only 6 miles away from the airport, and my fiance and I will be taking ourselves, two carry-on suitcases, and two purse/bags.

I know the amount of tips usually depend on distance traveled, amount of luggage, the city/town, and the over all service. Still, I still want to know what others suggest we should tip our cab driver. As it stands, if we parked at the airport we would be paying around $60-$70 by the time we get back, but only around $35-$40 for the cab. That's the estimated trip total to and from the airport.

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.


I already know that it is the norm to tip 15%. That's a no brainer when it comes to tipping in general. On the other hand, there are some services that people tip more for that don't always follow the 15% rule. My parents told me they always tip drivers in general at very least $5, even if the fare small and they didn't go very far. My step-dad refuses to tip over $5 on anything unless it was exceptional service. Everyone has their own way of doing it based on various things.

I was just wondering what others suggest I should tip based on a possible cab fare of $35-$45. That's the trip to and from the airport added together. The fare calculator came out at an estimated $17.50 per trip.

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    If you look on,/ they add 15% tip, so maybe that's the norm?

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    San Antonio Cab

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    I don't take cabs often but here is how I calculate it. The shorter the ride, the higher the percentage of the bill that I tip. Say under 10 miles approx. 20 percent. Past that distance at least 15 percent and if the driver is nice I still go with the 20 percent figure. If the driver is a really a jerk which rarely happens I don't tip. Also when I get out of the cab I leave the back door slightly ajar so the jerk has to get out of his cab and close it himself. They really love that. Just hope you never get that driver again! Good Luck Bob

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    I usually tip 15 percent for a San Antonio cab ride. In the past I have used Airport Security Parking or the long-term parking at the airport and have found them more reasonable than a cab ride would have been.

    Obviously you will have a longer trip than mine were. I assume you have calculated for a round trip. If you are traveling American, Continental or any of the airlines that use Terminal 2, be prepared for the biggest mess you have ever seen. The cab ride might be worth it just to avoid that.

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    A dollar

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