I need help and FAST!?!?!?!?!?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 7 months... And today is the first day I seen him . We were at the mall, but the only way I could see him is if I had a friend with me (moms rules) , btu he flipped out when he saw her there and gave me evil look and wouldn't even look at me and I thought he was ashamed of me and when we see each other we say I love you and hug and kiss , but today was different . This is only the second time I've seen him. He told me to ditch her and spend time with him and I said No b/c I thought it would be rude to do that to my best friend. He turned his phone off and wont talk to me now and I am starting to get scared. What is happening in our relationship? And what should I do?


Ohhh and when I left the mall I tryed to hug and kiss him but he turned away


Update 2:

I need more help no one has helped and he was romantic last time we were together and i had a friend there but no this time he wanted to see my "parts" if u know what i mean ..JUST SOMEONE HELP IDK WAT TO DO???? and he wont answer my phone call he turned his phone off

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    Well, if he won't talk to you, you might have to hurry up and wait for awhile until he will. Sorry. Although I know many people might advise sending him a message through friends. That could be OK. I'd wait a little while first, though--a week?

    If he eventually will talk to you again, you might like to have a little discussion with him about what he believes is going on, and you might let him know you need him to change his behavior a little, if he cares about you.

    If you have to have a friend with you to see him, that sounds like a pain for both of you (although probably a good idea if you are under a certain age), but if he cares about you he should accept it because he should want to keep you out of trouble with your parents.

    Good for you for not being willing to ditch your friend and go running off with this guy. He shouldn't be wanting you to do that. It's mean to your friend and sneaky to your parents (as you know). Either he hasn't thought about how mean and sneaky that really is, or he doesn't care if it's mean and sneaky, and if the second of those is the case, that's no good in a boyfriend, to be like that.

    In short, it sounds to me like your boyfriend is immature and possibly not that great to be in a relationship with (even if he is very good-looking). If he won't talk to you for a long time, or if he won't change his behavior some when you request him to, then it might be time for a new boyfriend or perhaps no boyfriend for a little while (and maybe you could double-date with your best friend and some totally different guys, which could be fun, and your parents might go for it).

    Sorry! These things do tend to hurt a bit. Time will take care of that, though, almost for sure, so you can count on not always feeling exactly as you do now.

    (Edited to add: Your "parts"??? Ummm, don't feel afraid to turn him down flat. He's starting to sound more and more like not a good thing to me. There are other guys in the world who will treat you better than this one does!

    You don't have to put up with a bunch of nonsense in a guy just so you can keep him. That's a great way to set yourself up to be a doormat and a victim. No need to go there. The world is full of great guys.)

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    How have you been dating him for 7 months without seeing him? Did you meet him on a dating site?

    Dump the bum

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    That sounds bad...

    But maybe he wanted to be romantic with you, but he couldn't cause of your friend,me I would have broken up with him cause it's sistas b4 mistas,lol

    well maybe try to talk to him, and maybe about the hanging part, hang out with him more often, mayve your mom would be more safer if she met the guy, well hope I helped you GOOD LUCK ! <3 (:

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    that was a shame, but she knew you didn't mean it. that's the thing about being with an empath. she knew she was going to see you again and understood. she didn't understand all the hacking and stuff, that's what go her mad.

    she remembers a really really warm hug though....

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