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Which Starcraft Race is best??????????

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    They are all equal, but some maps may offer an advantage to a certain race.

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    It very much depends on your technique. Each race has its pros and cons as, after all, it is a very well-balanced game. Check out some Korean Starcraft Tournament videos on Youtube and you'll see that they use any of the races. I personally prefer Zerg for that quick burst of death (Zerg Rush for the win!), but I'm not that good.

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    there is no "best" race

    it all depends on the player and how well you micromanage your units and how fast and often you pump out units (macro)

    the only thing that leads people to believe one race is stronger than the other is because they never look at all the advantages of that race.

    for example, people may think that zerg is weak, but when some gosu zerg player 4-pools your ***, then you see that they are good. Another example is that people think that protoss are strong and undefeatable, but any of their units can be easily beaten by a terran mech (vult, gol, tank, scv)

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    I like zerg and marine.....they are my favs.........btw.....message me......ill play you!

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