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Good place to get a weight set?

i am geting my first one

i want a pretty good one i have 800 to get everything

weights bar bench

and does the bench come with the bar??

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    EBAY - bar none the best place.

    i bought a weight bench/barbell, 2-30lb dumbells and 300 lbs of free weights for under $300.

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    Sears is a good place along with the Academy sporting goods store.

    You need to pay attention to the whole sizes on the weights. There are two different systems in place. The Olympic is the bigger hole and should be used for the bar bell. The smaller hole is best used with dumbbells.

    The bench comes separately. Make sure you have enough space to use it all. They can take up a lot of space. Bring a tape measure and pre measure your work out area.

    get a good bench and around 300 pounds for an upper body work out. Legs by their nature are stronger, but exercises like squats are easy to get injured on. Good luck and stay safe.

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    I don't know if in your part of the country,you have a"Play It Again Sports" They have all kinds of sporting equipment and at really good prices. You can either buy new or used. Hope you do have one of these stores in your area.

    Happy shopping

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    i got a good one @ sams club for $400 and it works great! bench, leg press, butterfly, missionary press, chin dip/pull you should get one of those

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