Why and how do people go to jail for not paying child support?

My ex owes me over 10 grand. He drives an escalade and treats me horrible. He works under the table so he gets away w/ out giving me any financial help. He tricked me into getting pregnant a 3rd time lied and said he used protection and set it up like he did and I had to much to drink. Now his son is less then 2 months old and he's running off playing w/ his friends again. He's 33. I want to know what I can do because I am tiered of him being so irresponsible and treating us like crap. He wants me to be trapped. I just want to be loved. They already took his liscense.

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    If you have legal custody of the kids, he should be responsible for child support.

    In the state of WI you got to jail for being a dead beat dad.

    Call Social Services and ask them about it.

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    I have been in this situation with child support. My EX owes me $38,000. All I can say is KEEP calling your caseworker everyday if you have to. That's how I got them to put him in jail the first time. Now he is sitting in jail again. Just don't let them think you dont care, make sure they know about your case. They work on so many. Unfortunately, all that will happen is he may keep going to jail for a little bit. It is not a crime so he will do no real time, and that still does not help with your financial situation. It would just be allot easier if these loser men that make babies and don't want to help raise them, would grow up and take care of their children.

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    you need to regroup and take control of your own life. With him having that amount of money owed..he should be in jail unless he is paying weekly. He can be reported for working under the table if you have proof. I hope that there is a child support court order in place so that you can reenforce that he owes all this money. I would suggest you get some support and counseling with dealing with relationship issues that you seem to have in using boundaries to help you learn to respect yourself and not allow people to control you..

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    Try your new best friend the prosecutors office. They love putting deadbeats like these away. I think at 10K, they call that a felony - (I know because my ex went away for something like this) - but.........I never really got anything from the retard. My children are now 21, and soon to be 18. He's ran out on his responsibilities to the point of changing his name, not once by at least seven times. It was hard to chase him down to take care of it. Recently - after all this...........I decided to write it off ($73K), he will never amount to anything and the hurt and damage is already done. My kids went without alot of stuff through-out their lives. In my opinion its too late for him to make up the poverty my children went through while they were growing up. The hurt and damage he caused his kids, however I was always the better ADULT, I took care of their needs, putting them first before LOVE at times. They were my kids, he was just a sperm donor. I never kept him from seeing his kids while they were young. I never wanted to get blamed for me being the one doing the hurting to my kids. He's played on their sympathy.........but, guess what, who do you think they turn to for strength. ME - my kids and someday my grandchildren will look at me as the one that loves them. As long as I have that, I have lived my life well.

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    There should be some type of Department of Human Services in your town and you have to report him. But does he have a court order to pay child support? B/c if he doesn't then you need to get that asap.

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    get is licenses number.. next time you see him.. call the cops and tell them he is driving with a licenses.. or if you happen to see him driving and see a cop near by.. tell him you think he may be drunk..do not tell them that you know him.they will pull him over and off to jail.. once in jail. call the child support agency and let them know..my quess is they already have told the police about it.. all they need is for them to pick him up.. once there .. he will have to pay

    Source(s): i saw it is court.. one man was in jail and when the judge asked him why he did not pay.. he replied i was in jail..the judge ask him was he going to pay..he replied he had no job..the judge then ask if he was let out was he going to pay..he said he had no job..the judge reask him and he said he was getting a job//lol
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    oh u can go to the police station or the court house and make him get test to show that they r his kids and that he will have 2 pay 4 child support or he will get arrested. he has to give them the money. they will take it out of his account

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    You go to your local child recovery center and tell them where he works and they will audit records. Then they will get you all of your back owed child support. I know the feeling honey! This works!

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    get a lawyer and have him explain to a judge how he can afford all this stuff. he can go to jail for non payment, he would have to prove that he has paid and when he cant its off to jail until he pays. you can file for his future tax returns until youre paid up.

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    take him to court no questions asked

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