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Dancing question?

i have difficulty dancing in front of people. i don't like to, mainly because i cant. i want to learn how to dance, so i'm thinking of trying either bellydancing or breakdancing.

which one goes with every song and is easier and more fun to master/learn?

which one do you think is more unique?

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    I like breakdancing better lol.

    It amazes u wat ppl can actually do. (the moves).

    Also helps with upper body strength and balance and control of momentum.

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    to work on not dancing in front of people just keep saying to yourself, "dance like no ones watching". thats what i always sat tomyself. And if you think you dont dance well just keep practicing 3 hours a day, and really work it, and within maybe 2 monthes you will se an improvment in teqnique, and everything else.

    And i would have to say belly dancing goes with everything, and its fun to master/learn

    And i think belly dancing is very unique becuase the dance always tells a story.

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    both breakdancing and bellydaning are very hard to master it would have t take about a years experience. I would suggest that you Do hip hop. It's fun to learn, sometimes easy to master and the moves are great to take to a club dancefloor. Good luck

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    well i bellydance and basically all your doing is moving ur hips and your adominal really hurts if ur doin it for the first time so be careful but its really fun and its way more unique then breakdancing try watching a show called shimmy on fitTV it can help you out with bellydancing :D

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    well, breakdancers usually never dance on beat. so that's not really good on teaching you how to dance to the beat. belly dancing is good b/c it teaches you how to use your hips when dancing b/c girls are suppose to dance feminine by using their hips more. if those r ur two choices, i'd go with belly dancing. but if ur willing to try other dances, u should try hip-hop. it's more fun, acceptable, and understandable by society.

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    i would reccomend hip hop, it's sort of a mixture of the two.. it gos to just about any song and can range from basic, beginer and advanced. xx

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