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is it ok for me to do this?

Sometimes a girls just gotta do what a girls gotta do. I'm 13, and I dont really care what my mom says, i want to wear make up. So on the first day of school im just going to wear some lip gloss, eyeliner, and mascara and mabye alittle bit of eye shadow. I've discussed this with her before, but im only allowed to wear clear lip gloss. Oh yeah ,and i dont wanna look slutty or anything i just want to brighten my eyes, and feel like a total girl. Considering all of m friends are allowed to wear make-up i feel like im being left out.. and i feel so plain. I also like make-up im not just doing it because other people are. So is that ok? Btw, im 13, and going into 8th grade.


awwzz.. thnx for your opinions it means alott <3

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    I am 24 now. When I was your age, I always wanted to wear make up, but now I have to wear it because I go to work and have to look professional even though I don't want to. You are so young, and gotta tell you, being young is already beautiful. You don't need make up (fake thing) but I am an adult and I need make up to cover marks and pimples. Probably it is hard to understand for you, but you will know, when you turn my age. You can wear make up whenever you want when you grow up. Right now, you have to enjoy your beautiful young skin!

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    You mom will definitely know you've been wearing eyeliner because it stays on for a couple of days after you've worn it. Why don't you just stick with some eye shadows & mascara for now, and the lip gloss. Your mom probably wont be able to tell you have mascara on but it does make your eyes look a lot better. Just get a natural looking eye shadow like beige, brown or what not and you can wipe it off before you come home. The eyeliner, especially black eyeliner, will be too hard to hide from your mom. Good luck!

  • While I CAN see where your mother is coming from, Letting a 13 year old go wild with make up is....scary...To say the least, SOMETIMES.

    Done right, It cant be that bad?

    I do think you should further discuss with Mommy dearest, BUT If your mind is made up, a Few simple steps that should look great with ANY eye color:

    Step 1: Light shimmery eyeshadow on the brow bone.

    Step 2: Mascara. Brush it upwards, and avoid spider eyes.

    Step 3: Pink tinted Lip gloss. Even a clear would work for this, Everyones Natural Lip color is pretty.

    Its understated Beautiful. =)

    Source(s): Overly Sheltered, Homeschooled Kid, and Aspiring makeup artist. =D
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    i would skip the eyeline and prolly eyeshadow too.

    just go with the mascara.

    it will just make your face stand out more.!

    when i don't wear it feel so washed out.!

    and yeah just some lip gloss.

    i'm from australia and i started wearing make-up when i was like 12-13 and kinda wish i didn't coz now i feel like i have to wear it all the time.!

    but i'm slowly now don't caring more about what ppl think of me.!

    but i totally get why your wanting to start wear it now.!

    -just go with the mascara and lipgloss and maybe down the track add a lil blush or bronzer to your cheeks.

    and also a another lil trick i like for the eyes is in the corner of your eye applying a lil white shimmering stuff.!

    it make your eyes pop.

    but don't go overboard.!


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    hey! i am in 10th grade, and i still have never worn make up. at first, it was my mom who wouldn't buy me any make up. she said i didn't need it and it would just give me wrinkles later on. well it turns out she's right. wearing makeup on a daily basis is really not good for your skin, especially when you're younger. trust me, i made it through all of middle school and 9th grade wearing no makeup. right now you might feel better and more feminine wearing makeup, but its not worth it! wait till later on when it really matters, like as a senior in high school. your skin will thank you.

    another thing - recent studies show that lip gloss & lip stick are cancer causers! i stay away from it now... get some burts bees if you want because it is all natural. you can be a trendsetter :)

    hope this helps! peace <3

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    I'm 14 and i'm not allowed to wear make up.

    I like make up, but I guess not as much as you do to break your mom's trust.

    Whatever, do whatever the heII you want; in the end you're either screwed or you're lucky enough and your mom will not give a damn what you do.

    Good luck on that.

    Oh and don't wear too much, because you'll probably notice that people who start wearing make up can barely go A DAY without putting the gunk on their face.

    So I'd wait until I were older if were I you.

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    Sure, it sounds like you are mature enough for some makeup. This summer, before the 8th grade, you could start wearing a little lipgloss and mascara, people will get used to seeing you wear it, and then by 8th grade it won't seem unnatural for you to wear eyeliner and shadow as well

    Remember not to overdo it though... you dont want to look like a clown, so try to apply it naturally, with light/neuteral colors.

    good luck!

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    Well, it's your body so do what you want to. Your mom probably doesn't wanna see her little girl growing up. If that's the problem, you're gonna have to tell her to deal with it becuase it's your life, your face, and if you don't like your own face, who will. Yeah your mom's being overprotected, but you gotta give it to her straight and make your point made. I'm 13 and if I were a girl, I'd do it.

    Source(s): My youngest sister's 8 and wears makeup!
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    i am 16 & have been wearing make-up since i was 12. full on my whole face with foundation and powder i started two years ago, so 14. i wear make-up 365 days a year and i havent regretted it yet but it isnt anything as special as every little girl thinks. i remember 4 years ago i thought make up was something so amazing that makes everyone preety, now its just something i do as soon as i open my eyes every morning, its not special anymore, just an every day routine thing. i would suggest to you to leave make up aside and leave it for special ocassions, you will stand out from your crowd without make up for good reasons, you will show your natural beauty, also when you are a few years older you will agree with me i think, because by my age make up will be something usual to you. i hope i made sense. x

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    It's important if you're going to wear make up to wear it the right way. I'm 17 and I started wearing make up around that age. Just don't overdo it, no bright shadows, and nothing over the top. Consider looking up tutorials on the internet on how to properly apply make up :]

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