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I have a face wash- a equalizing spray to spray with spray bottle all over face- a astrigant in which i soak on a cotton pad and apply to acne prone areas- a on-the-spot treatment for zits- and mosturizer for all over face...I do this morning and night EXCEPT I only use the on-the-spot at night with no astringant and the astringant in the morning with no on-the-spot...so how can I apply these in a order without mixing too much of the products???Please help. and please unlike other ppl dont tell me its bad for your skin becuz i have a VERY unique skin type, i have been to many doctors/dermas/facialist...its just that it takes forever to get in to ask them this and i hate calling them becuz i am on hold...please just simply tell me how to apply this...

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    HI, cleanse, tone, moisturise morning and night.

    I would use your astringent in the day after you cleanse and tone BUT b4 you moisturise.

    The astringent is designed to dry out the skin / clean the surface( pimple areas) . The reason I say day time is because your body is moving the most then, and you are more likely to get the skin oil glands moving there fore the astringent will quickly dry those out throughout the day. apply your makeup AFTER all this in the day.

    Be careful to not over use the astringent as you will cause long term future damage and this will certainly show on your skin.

    I know this as I use to work at a cosmetic surgery.

    spot treament is good when you have certain issues or oily areas. Dont put the astringent where you are NOT oily or you will cause skin issues in this area ie. itchy, red, sore, tender, tight, and sometimes peeling as you have dried that area out too much.

    On a particular hot, oily day is when i would suggest that you do a light spray mist over your face.

    Avoid the sun when using your astringent as most can contain some sort of alcohol and this can 'mark' your face and burn - in return create little brown spots for you that will be there forever!

    I hope Ive answered your question!

    Good Luck

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