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n-e band advice?

i've been wanting to make a band for a while, and now that i've been getting older i need some advice

1. where should i buy my equpitment

2. what age should i start

3. how many people

4. what budget do i need

5. does anyone have any lyrics?

(ill give credit to u)

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    equpitment - I would buy at a local music store (make sure its a good one tho ) they could have discounts & can really help you out & they actually care about instuments some stores will sell you peices o crap lol

    age ?- im not sure .whenever you want

    how many- as many as it takes lol

    budget - depends , you have to se what you have to work with .. I would recommend getting a job i you dont have one

    lyrics - no I dont have any sorry lol

    best of luck (:

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