What is the best way to get from Termini station in Rome to Ciampino airport?

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    Take the metro LINE A all the way to ANAGNINA. From the ANAGNINA station there is a bus shuttle straight to CIAMPINO AIRPORT. Everything comes to under 5 euros.

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    A newer and infrequent bus service, also run by Schiaffini, connects the airport with Termini. It's slightly cheaper than the competing Terravision bus, costing €5 each way (although you may be asked to pay an extra €1 per suitcase), but it only runs about seven times a day, and is less comfortable. Tickets are bought from the driver or staff by the bus, and the service uses the bus stop just outside the terminal building at Ciampino. At Termini the bus stops at the poorly-indicated Cotral stop for Fiuggi - at the time of writing this was alongside the main part of the railway station in Via Giolitti. For timetable details, visit the Schiaffini website


    If you are a group of people 3 or 4 , I would advise taking a taxi . It should be about 40 euros

    Only catch taxis in the line..Do not just get in one... Stay in line and wait your turn... You will see a area for taxis...


    Thanks to a great move by the Rome authorities, there is now (from October 2006) a set price for taxis between Rome and its two airports. From Ciampino Airport into central Rome (anywhere within the Aurelian walls, which basically includes the central tourist area) a taxi ride should cost exactly €30 (this includes baggage and up to four passengers). This also applies in the opposite direction. If you have problems, ostentatiously write down the taxi's license number (check this is displayed in the cab when you get on board), and ask for a receipt. Call 060606 to report any problems. Italian driving aside, this is a comfortable way to travel and not too expensive if you are travelling in a group. The great advantage is that you can travel from/to your hotel's entrance, with no need for heaving your cases over cobblestones or onto public transport in the centre. There is a taxi rank right outside the terminal building, with rows of official taxis waiting to oblige. We've had extremely bad experiences with these Ciampino-based taxi drivers in the past, and thoroughly appreciate the council's new price rulings. Catching a taxi from central Rome lately, we did confirm the €30 price with the driver, but he didn't quibble, didn't ask for more, and seemed perfectly happy with the system. Our journey was so much faster and more comfortable than public transport that we're tempted to stick to taxis for the airport run.

    Here are a few sites to check out....



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    There is a 'shuttle' that runs from the station directly to the airport... Just make sure you take the right airport shuttle and don't end up at Da Vinci. You need to purchase tickets on the main floor of the station, if i remember correctly, if taking the train, and if taking the bus i believe you purchase upon boarding. I found the Termini a little difficult to navigate the first time because there are few signs. I also found a website of the different trains/buses that make this route:


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    There's a private company called "Terravision" that organizes airport pick up and back, leaving from Termini. All you have to do is going to the termini station (gate via Marsala, not via Giolitti) and buy the ticket, which costs 8 euro per person, so it's very cheap. The shuttles leave each half an hour.

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    You can take a bus. They won't be hard to find, just make sure you get there early. Traffic should be pretty steady for them. I took a bus from Ciampino to the Termini and it was no big deal.

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    i think you can take the train that start to termini and arrive in Velletri but you must go out in Ciampino!:D and the price is 2.50 E

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    The best way to get to the airport is by TAXI. It is also possible by bus, but you may have to change a couple of buses, and it may involve waiting to catch the right bus and speaking some Italian to get to the airport on time.

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