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Is there a way to disable popup windows in Internet Explorer?

Is there a way to disable popup windows in Internet Explorer? I'm specifically talking about the one that wants me to install Shockwave Flash player. I don't have it on my computer and definitely don't want it, but I frequently use some web sites that use it so I'm often getting a message that says "I dare you to install Shockwave Flash on your computer now Sucker!" I click no, but I'd rather not get the window in the first place. Is there a way to do that?

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    Firefox notes

    Mozilla F.F. add-ons / extensions;

    > Launch firefox browser

    > bookmarks ( on browser toolbar )

    > mozilla firefox

    > customize firefox

    Adblock Plus


    PDF Download

    1-click Answers

    Colorfull Tabs

    Google Toolbar for firefox

    Metal Lion-Vista

    how to customize firefox web browser;

    1> launch firefox browser

    2> r-clik menubar ( under titlebar )

    3> customize

    4> drag " new tab " feature from the pallet to the toolbar

    > open new tabs and load a different web site under each tab

    > tab browsing allows many sites to be loaded at the same time

    > delete ICONs from the links bar that you don't use

    > drag frequently used ICONs from the tab to the " links " bar

    Firefox Tuning

    Rise up the speed of your Firefox Browser:

    Open the configuration menu by typing in the following into the field where you normally fill in the URLs:


    In the config menu you have to set up the following changes:

    - network.http.pipelining (put “true”)

    - network.http.proxy.pipelining (put “true”)

    - network.http.pipelining.maxrequests put on 100

    - network.http.max-connections 48

    - network.http.max-connections-per-server 16

    - network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy 8

    - network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server 4

    You save the changes by clicking the right button of your mouse somewhere on the screen and choose new -> integer from the menu. Now you have to write nglayout.initialpaint.delay into the popup and type in number 0 into the next window.

    That´s it, now you are able to surf much faster threw the internet with your Firefox browser!

    about:config ( only while in the forefox browser )

    save / back-up firefox bookmarks;

    1> bookmarks

    2> organize bookmarks

    3> file

    4> export

    how to rename the links tabs in firefox;

    1> r-clik links button

    2> properties

    3> edit ( remane )

    4> OK

    how to choose firefox download destination;

    1> tools

    2> opt'ns

    3> main (tab) >downloads (section)

    4> (check) always ask me where to save files

    test Java and Adobe flash player at these sites;


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    Uninstall the Internet Explorer.

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    download google toolbar. it come with a google search box, a popup blocker (which u can able or disable in tools), and plenty of other stuff:)

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    Yes. Just don't use it.

    Firefox has a great pop blocker that blocks almost everything.

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