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Do women carrying boy infants in those chest harnesses realize they could be causing him extreme discomfort?

I've seen this so many time where the little boys seem to be almost turning blue from the squeezing that their mommies don't seem to be aware of.


Mommies, You DO REALIZE that little boys are built differently from girls, right? This is the exact point I'm trying to make. Apparently you have no idea how MUCH MORE uncomfortable it is FOR A BOY to be squeezed in that area unless he's wearing a protective cup. Ask your husbands, dads, brothers any GUY about this, PLEASE!!! And if you don't care, it's your kid. I tried.

Update 2:

I would love to see some of the fathers reply to this. Where are the dads?

Update 3:

These women seem to think that the padding from the diapers are protection for the boy child. That is so not the case. Ask any man about this type of PRESSURE. If anything, the added padding from the diaper produces more pressure on the scrotum. GOD why can't these people listen. The baby is turned away from the mom, so she can't see his face. I've seem them strolling around bouncing him around with this things pressed up against himself and almost turning blue in the face. Just because your baby boy isn't crying, doesn't mean that he's not he's feeling extremely uncomfrotable. GET A CLUE!!!

Update 4:

I'm not concerned as much with the baby's posture or them falling over or out of the darn things. I'm talking specifically about boy babies being squished with the weight of their bodies as the moms walk around causing a steady squeezing and the moms being unaware or thinking that "they're not uncomfortable" because the baby's not crying. If they could talk, I'm sure they'd say so. Ignorance is NOT bliss for the baby boy who's package is being squeezed by all this pressure. I feel sorry for the kids...and the moms are ONLY concerned with THEIR opinion.

They just don't get it.

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    sorry but im so against theses slings for babies,i never used them for my 3 kids.

    i agree with you, i think the baby looks very uncomfortable in them, and another reason i"d never use them is, i would be terrified that if i fell over i would seriously hurt my child...

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    I used to snicker at women with their kids in harnesses...that was until I had a baby boy. I haven't had to use the harness yet, but there have been times I needed one!

    I think his diaper would offer protection. Also, the harness would be just as much protection from dangers boys like to get themselves into. Running into the street, knocking down heavy objects...

    After 2 girls, this boy thing is a whole new monster!

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    It is unhealthy for any baby to be carried upright in a baby carrier. New born babies don't have the strength to hold themselves upright and so forcing them into that position puts a lot of pressure on the spine because the muscles can't hold it up. The vertebra just end up stacked up on top of one another. A baby shouldn't be carried that way until he is more capable of holding himself in the upright position.

    The reason people don't know about this is because the companies who sell those kinds of carriers don't want consumers to know. They are just worried about making money. Fortunately I have been hearing more and more from chiropractors about the danger of those carriers. Eventually it will catch on.

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    A diaper is like one big pillow, carrying a little boy in one of those will not cause it harm, or they wouldn't make it... have you ever seen a kid fall on their butt and not cry because their diapers are so thick? Trust me, it doesn't bother the baby one bit to carry it in one!

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    i think if it was a problem tehn the manufactures would advise against using it with a baby boy. Also, I;m sure the baby would be crying if he really was in pain or extremmely uncomforatable as you claim. And no mom would leave their son to scream in pain, and since I still see b aby boys in there all the time, I;m assuming its ok

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    I carried my son in one and will when the second son is born. He's not uncomfortable- far from it. My children have always loved being carried in a harness. They are close to me, can see better, and are less fussy. Its also great excercise for me, lets me get housework done, and I don't have to steer a bulky stroller in the stores. I check my kids very carefully while in a harness to be sure of their comfort!

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    Front pack carriers aren't a good idea for boys or girls. They put all of the baby's weight on his/her pelvis, which can cause problems for both genders.

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    i have no idea what you're talking about. its a baby boy, he has a little package and he doesnt even have all the feeling in it that he will when hes grown. i used it with my nephews and they were fine. what makes you think of a baby boys private parts anyways?

  • It would be the same for a girl would it not? Their genitalia is in the same place. Boys (and girls alike) are also protected by a thick diaper.

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    yeah im agree its uncomfortable + dont u think it is so occward becz it luks like a kangroo is holding her baby, very un human

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