Quad or duo for gaming laptop?

I don't really want to do my math or research haha but um.. Which would be better? And how much Duo GHz is equivalent to Quad GHz? For example: Duo 3.0 = Quad 2.4. Actually I don't know but which one would be better =) The Quad 2.5 or a Duo 3.0?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are two things to look at:

    1) speed

    2) volume

    let say a single core processor is like a garden hose and you can have garden hoses that can shoot the water out faster than others (speed). Now a duo is like have 2 garden hoses, and a quad is having 4 (volume). Right now you cant get a duo that is twice as fast, so I would just get a quad. Even low-end quads are about the same if not better than the best duo's.

    If price is your concern, Then get a AMD x4 phenom rather than a INTEL duo processors. The price is about the same, but the phenoms are much more powerful than the INTEL duo's.

    Also, for gaming, you really need the quad cores for parralel processing. Most if not all the new games will be specifically designed to run on multi-core processors.

    Next month I will be building a new gaming comp for myself with a phenom x4 9950 processor and a gtx 280 on a mobo that sports the nvidia 780a chipset, and it will pretty much run any game and it supports HDMI for the largest monitors or lcd displays.

  • robert
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    1 decade ago

    Well obviously a quad 2 is better than a duo 2 but you'll get more bang for your money with a duo at this point, unless you are running software that heavily utilizes parallel processing.

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