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survey - see if you can figure out which one doesn't belong?

a) rabid dog

b) skunk

c) poisonous snake

d) bat

e) me (RayRay)

f) crocodile

g) fire ants


here is a hint it prob is E, jeez

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    hmmm... on a physical basis, it'd be you, RayRay, because you are a human with all human capabilities and they are all not.

    if you are a very harmful person, i'd go with the bat, because they are the only one on the list that doesn't have all the capabilities to hurt as all the others.

    fire ants are the only insects.

    rabid dog is the only diseased animal.

    skunk is the only one that has a non-physical but olfactorical harm, and also the only one (except possibly you, rayray) that doesn't harm things with its bite.

    poisonous snake is the only one that comes in versions that aren't harmful.

    rayray, you're just all that.

    crocodile is the biggest of the list.

    and fireants are not only multiple, but the smallest.

    i'm going with h, all of the above.

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    Fire ants - because they're hard workers, spending their day working their little legs to the bone. Meanwhile, the rabid dog is busy trying to eat its own leg, the poisonous snake is eating a small child in Mozambique, the bat is eating to its heart's content, the croc is probably consuming a llama or gazelle, and you, well, you're a human. It goes without saying that we're naturally lazy.

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    i dont think theres a right awnser you could determine any # of these to not be in the group, logically

    the bat because its the only one that can fly

    RayRay because your a human

    the poisonous snake because it uses venom to subdue its victims before it chows down

    etc etc

    me i think its the bat

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    Well there are many ways to look at it. Fire ants because they always are found in large groups. Bat because it's the only one that flies. snake because it has no legs, and you because you are the only one that is totally harmless.

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    Johnny Cash

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  • Fire ants. I think you listing animals not insects.

  • I'm going to say....... A

    because its the only one that is mean because of disease. (though I dont know your history... haha)

    Ok so that was prob a little too much thinking that went into that answer... but whatever!


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