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Would you use a leave in conditioner when you go swimming?

I am going to start swimming again on a regular basis and want to protect my hair as much as possible. I know I must shampoo and condition as soon as I leave the pool using products designed for chlorine. However, would you also use a leave in conditioner before going into the pool. Would this be bad for the pool? Also, can you use this leave in conditioner without or without a swimming cap?

A tip I picked up from here was to make sure that I wet my hair before going into the pool so that my hair absorbs less chlorine. I am quite keen on this approach and doing the wash and condition aferwards, as opposed to leave in conditioner.

One final thing, is it wise to deep condition my hair once a week if I go swimming on a regular basis? What would be the best way to do this?

Thank you to all hair experts.

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    Im not a hair expert but i lifeguard and you have to shower thoroughly before you enter the pool so your leave-in conditioner won't work. If you are in a bigger center the lifeguard or staff will probably not be checking if people are showering but it is important that you still do because it is bad for the pool otherwise. There are shampoos that claim they help with sun/pool damage out there so maybe you should check those out.

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