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don't you find defensive people extremely irritating?

people that will get defensive over any little thing that they might perceive as a slight.

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  • Tikka
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    ya......really annoying

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    No I have come to realize that we are so self centered that we only perceive the world around us in the mood and the moment of our personal perception. Sadder even more that as a result of social implications we react in a determined pattern. So as a result someone may seem irritated by a small slight we are unaware of that they are trying to over shadow by a predictable re-action because why would strangers care...........or it could be the complete other extreme where they are completely devastated by a death or something and are trying to simulate "normalcy" by trying not to feel anything they are provoked and emotions they are trying to keep under control just flare up not necessarily even correlating with their emotional state......just over flow because of their vulnerable condition!

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    What do you mean by that?!

    Just kidding. I do, totally. I used to be one of those people so I know where they're coming from, but I still find them hard to deal with! It's like walking in a minefield.

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    Usually people like that have been deeply hurt. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt and show them kindness it at all possible.

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  • Anonymous
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    I don't really find them "irritating". it just kinda makes me feel bad for them and wonder why then are so hostile and lost.

    Often those that "deserve love the least ...need it the most"


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    all secretive and crapp what is this iraqq??


    they are all like oo none of ur buisssness..

    this is mine,,, blahhh blahhhh blah!


    lol jk but some times they go 2 farr.. and then i do .


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    yes i do

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