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Do dreams really mean anything ?

or is it just random images of ur mind ?

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    Yes! your dreams are "pictures" of things going on in your life, at the time you dream them. Everything in your dreams mean something about what you're going through. When I dream, I use this site to interpret the meanings of things :)

    It's a fun hobby, especially when you're bored =]

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    In your dream if you are:

    -Falling = sub-conscious response to real-life stress.

    -Naked = dreading an upcoming event.

    -Dieing = suggests insecurity or anxiety.

    -Giving birth = great change is unfolding.

    -Flying = you've just conquered a stressful situation.

    -Urinating = you may be expressing desire for relief from a difficult situation.

    -Thinking about water = represents a general sense of your emotional state.

    -Being chased = you're probably running away from something in real life.

    -Losing teeth = you're unhappy with your physical appearance.

    -Thinking of a dead relative = you've come to terms with the loss.

    -Seeing a car wreck = a big undertaking in your life may feel bound for failure.

    These are the most common dreams that many people share and have translated the meaning of.

    I hope this is what you were looking for.

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    Well, sofar, some scientists belive that dreams are just random images in our mind. others think dreams are a way to empty out our mind of thoughts, ETC.

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    Some dreams are meaningless. And you usually forget those. Though the ones that stick with you for days, months, or even years usually mean something. But really its a belief system. Like a horroscope or palm reading.

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    no, they mean crap. A dream is just your brain storing and disregarding memories, The reason why you see that happening in your head is because your unconsious mind(lower part) is getting the info from your consious mind(upper part) Your unconsious is always alert to changes.

    Bottom line: they dont mean anything

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    I feel like dreams are a learning ground of rememberance and desire as well as fear and hate. I feel like there is alot more that we can do with our brains we just dont know how. yet.

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    in some cases dreams do mean something, YES! and in others no, if you let them mean something they do and if you dont, you dont. Sometimes it just depends the person

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    theyre just images of what uve been constantly thinking about that day or something that you really want to happen

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    yea sometimes it does

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