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Does halo 3 allow guests to join with one profile on live?

On halo 2 it allowed one person with a live account to have 3 other people play with them who didnt have an account (they were the guests of that profile). Does halo 3 allow this?

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    Yes halo 3 allows this as long as you have the necessary amount of controllers on your home console. Also, as was the case in halo 2, you will be restricted from ranked playlists.

    Finally, you can also play with friends when doing the co-op campaign mode. After you finish you and your friend's scores are uploaded to your profile.

  • Yes it does. First, you sign in with the account with the Gold membership, and get all three (max) of the others to use a temporary profile.

    You can only play in social playlists though.

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    you bet it does

    Source(s): play it about three hours a night, lol.
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