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Jehovah Witness??

My brother and mom are both Jehovah Witnesses and I want to ask a question, why do they attack people who don't want to join their religion and beliefs?? My brother keeps telling me that the devil takes over me the that's the reason I don't join his beliefs and that I'm also lost in this world cause I don't want to read the bible. He tells me that I am a lost soul in this world because I don't want him to talk to me or ask me to join his religion, he started acting like this after he joined the organization(that's what he calls it)and also tells me that I will not feel the feeling of living in paradise cause I don't believe in his religions belief, does he have the right to judge me differently because I don't want to join his religion. My uncle also told me that he doesn't say blesses to people who aren't witnesses because they are either not baptized or not up to their religious level are they right to judge people by their believe and religion? please help me.


My mom and brother also left me alone for 3 straight days without caring what I thought or my feelings towards staying alone for a Jehovah Witness trip, I actually think they didn't even care to ask me what I thought about them leaving me alone.

Update 2:

thanks and no I'm not really religious but I do believe in Jesus Christ and everything God did but they still call me a lost soul in this world because I don't want to join their religion.

Update 3:

thanks and no I'm not really religious but I do believe in Jesus Christ and everything God did but they still call me a lost soul in this world because I don't want to join their religion.

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    You may view it as an attack, but Jehovah's Witnesses don't attack anyone. As was mentioned, because you are a family member, it may come across a little harder or harsher. But it is out of serious concern.

    If you were involved with any type of wrongdoing, stealing, skipping school (assuming you are of school age), drugs, etc, I'm sure they would be coming down hard and harsh. Most parents and family members do that.

    If the neighbors up the street had kids doing that, they would be concerned, but they would more than likely not be up there lecturing them as you see them doing to you.

    In the Bible, it sets the standards for "judging". If it says stealing is wrong, then it is wrong. If someone says you are wrong for stealing and gives you the scriptural reason, it is not the person who is judging. It truly is Jehovah who is judging by what He has had recorded in the Bible.

    Your family just don't want you to be in a position of not knowing fully right from wrong and end up with bad consequences in life.

    As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. If you're warned ahead of time, you can avoid trouble later on.

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    Well, we don't "attack" people. They may be a little too zealous because you are family, we tend to do that because we love our family, and want them to serve Jehovah God. The problem is that they are close to you.[ well ,not really a problem, but it is because they are so close to you]

    How long have they been in the truth? Most of the time those new in the truth, will be very zealous, and think that they need to convert you, but they will soon learn, that is not the case!

    You should tell them that they need to back off a little. That you are feeling pressured.

    Just remember that it is because they love you that they are, well, behaving that way.

    I know that you will probly not want to talk to them, at least for now, about this faith, but if you want to search it for yourself, go to

    Source(s): I have been in their shoes, I too, when I was new in the truth, pressured my family.
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    I am not sure I understand all the things you are saying here. What is this uncle's beliefs?

    I gather you are not accepting of JWs. Could you see how this would upset your brother? He undoubtedly loves and cares for members of his family. A mother's love for her children goes without saying. They both know that the future holds terrible and terrific changes. They certainly want members of their own family to receive the terrific parts and not the bad.

    Yes they would have gone to the District Assemblies for the 3 day period. I scarcely think they would leave a baby alone with no one to care for you. If you are older, did you survive? If you did, it must have been by things they put in place before leaving.

    As for "blessings of other people"? I do not know what that means. We regularly go door to door and endure abuse verbally repeatedly. Why? It is out of love for others. Like in Noah's day, he told the people for 120 years while he built that Ark that it was going to rain and Flood. Genesis 2:5-6 shows it had never rained before so they thought Noah was a fool. That is until water started coming down. Suddenly, good friend Noah was the brightest guy around. It was too late. The Ark door had been sealed by God.

    Your family doesn't want you to get wet. Try listening to them.

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    As one of JW's I am sorry that you are viewing your life situation so badly.

    I feel that some things are being left out, but I won't ask you what they are...

    We just had a study today at the meeting about NOT JUDGING... so I guess they got an earful today, hopefully. (if that is indeed what is happening. We all have so much to work on, none of us are perfect)

    I think their emotions are so high because you are one of their close family members that are not accepting the Truth, which will save your life.

    If you are old enough, then move out. If not, then wait patiently & respectfully, then move out.

    Source(s): FRANK- (answerer above)- WRONG! 144,000 are the only number going to heaven, billions can potentially receive life in a Paradise on Earth, living forever! Also, we are footstep followers of Jesus, God's Son. That is why we have such an extensive preaching work, because we were commanded to follow Him & His Work. for answers to questions about JW's, always go to the official site/source:
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    Family is so important to all of us, your mom and brother want you live forever. In order to do that, you must know who God is and what his will for you is.

    @ Freeman.....the person above was NOT being judgemental, she was offering CORRECTION to the person who made a false accusation about the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses......there is nothing wrong with setting the record


    ps. why are you judging his family when you don't even know them?

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    Did someone (a JW) just mentioned about a study about NOT JUDGING, and then turned around and JUDGED the other answerer above him as (WRONG)???

    If the questioner has no doubts about Jesus then you have nothing to worry about. Lift your head up high, and see that your family are the ones to be worried about.


    For the record, Frank is absolutely right, only 144,000 will go to heaven according to the JWs beliefs. JWs don't know that heaven is paradise as Frank mentioned, so again, he is correct about the 144,000 going to paradise in his later statement. An answerer who passes on his opinions on a certain religion should not be judged as wrong. I can judge a religion like the JWs, this is not the same as judging a person as wrong. There is no basis for corrections or for JUDGING him or any other individual person as (WRONG).

    For the questioner, my thoughts and my prayers are for you and your family. I hope you will see the JW religion is not quite what it appears to be. There are Ex-JWs here at Yahoo! Answers who have given testimony to their ordeals, listen to them. Worrying about relatives is not judging them. :-)

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    hmm, your family are concerned about you, and they don't know to express it. really sorry you had to go through that, but you had made your point that you want nothing with the religion. so it really would be best for you to leave.

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    you say you don't want to read the bible, what bible , their so called bible the n.w.t. is so full of errors in the translation that even scholars of the greek and hebrew languages are appalled at fraudulent writings that passes off as scripture

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    Well, first off, are your religious?

    Second, Jehovah Witnesses tend to think they are "superior" to other Religions because they are "tightly bound" They are igonorant because God even teaches them not to judge other people or religons yet they do. In my opinion, they are really lost because they believe that only 144,000 people will ever go to heaven.

    That is highly unlikely...because think about it, how many years have people been on the earth? There must have been hundreds of billions of people in exitance and they think that only 144,00 people out of all those will ever reach paradise...a bit confused i would say.

    Plus they don't even believe in Jesus that he was God's son. So when they say something to you about you not being one of then...ask what would God want you to do?

    Hope this helps. =)

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