i'm a fan of metal but i'm looking for some new bands so i can update my i pod, any ideas???

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    1 decade ago
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    try looking into metal bands from europe (you wouldn't expect it but there is a LOT of Finnish/Swedish metal bands!)

    also expand your music.. look into different genres (there is many many many subgenres of metal) such as alt rock. best way to do this is to find a rock/metal radio station and listen. even if you don't like some of it you'll probably find a few new bands that you like!

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    alternative rock --*

    handlebars - flobots

    prentender - foo fighters

    all my life - foo fighters

    best of you - foo fighters

    everlong -- foo fighters

    faint -likin park

    I stand alone - godsmack

    drive -incubus

    Santeria - sublime

    breaking the habit - likin park

    somewhere I belong - likin park

    paralyzer - finger eleven

    ive seen better days - sublime

    f*ck you like an animal - nine inch nails

    love is what I got - sublime

    awake - godsmack

    wrong way - sublime

    because of you - nickle back

    in the end - likin park

    faceless - god smack

    vodoo - godsmack

    f*ck it - seether

    stellar -incubus

    smooth criminal - alien ant arm

    bleed it out - likin park

    pardon me -incubus

    date rape - sublime

    romona - sublime

    go away -godsmack

    summertime - sublime

    only - nine inch nails

    I stand alone - godsmack

    animals - nickel back

    the hand that feeds - nine inch nails

    Source(s): these are good I hope you like them (:
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