Why is this girl confusing?

I found out this girl liked me and wanted me to text her...so i did. We began talking all the time. I went over to her house and hung out with her for a bit only once so far. Ever since we hung out she doesnt text me much anymore and i get a vibe that she wants nothing to do with me. Im always first to talk to her but she never talks to me first...i feel like im playing a f*****g game....i need some help with this one.


so after 16 answers...lol...she says to me she has been busy lately. and im mostly shy and this girl really isnt...but when i talk to her it kind of seems like the complete opposite...when i went to her house i had her laughing quite a bit haha.

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    1 decade ago
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    It's hard to say. It could be anything. Maybe she thinks you're getting too close too fast and she's uncomfortable. That happens to me alot.

    And ****. Wow, this sounds like me. Haha.

    She probably like, needs reassurance that you're interested in her. As obvious as you may be making it, some girls are weird like that.

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    Maybe the time you guys hanged out, she didn't have the same feelings for you? Or she's been busy lately? Either way it's not like you two are a couple so why not have some fun and date other girls?

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    Because she wanted to know what you were all about, and was curious about you. Now that she knows a bit, she may have moved on or isnt interested anymore. Girls can get bored with guys who either try too hard, or are boring.

    Sorry if it sounds harsh but thats what girls do.

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    ahh yes.. reminds me well of situations, my feeling is that textin is kinda boring for people who hang out all the time i talk to random people more than my best mate through msn/ text just because i know them so well. Also she may have not credit or simply cant be bothered to text back!

    :) x

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    I suggest talking to her. Just tell her that you enjoy hanging out with her and see what she says. She could be just shy. You said hat she liked you but how much do you like her? How much are you willing to invest in this relationship?

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    No dont move on, or play hard 2 get or anu of that crap!!

    just ASK HER!!!!

    the same thing happened to mr and them we found out after er TALKED that she had just sent a txt that i read wrongly and got mad so i didnt talk to him and he didnt talk to me! if we did it wounld have been fine! but now after talking we still just laugh at it and are stil together!!

    Aoife XxXxXxX

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    move on - she's not interested!! if she was she'd be initiating too - especially in the beginning - if people dig eachother they usually want to spend a lot of time getting to know the other person... just stop texting and contacting her and move on...

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    she might not like you, or she might really like you

    if shes not texting you back thats a sign she wants you to leave her alone but if shes not text you first or talk to you first that might be because she doesnt want to make the first moves. i rarely ever text or call my boyfriend first cause i want him to come to me first. thats how girls are. just ask her if shes into you

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    is soo right

    i like this kid and he started flirting with me and stuff

    but hasnt talked to me since, but he is online alot


    text her, and see what happns. you never know. she might

    just like you but isnt shy. like me.

    girls are confusing

    but guys are just as confusing [:

    Source(s): personal experience
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    Give it another try. See what happens. Let her know you like her and ask her if she feels the same.

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