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What is the number on golf balls for?

i know that it it is for what box it comes in but anything else? Does it make a difference?


Also what is the deal about schwetty balls? How are they so good?

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    I have always had a belief that the "3" sleeve is magical. I always do better with the 3's.....Try it out!

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    Each dozen golf balls of any brand has four "sleeves" of 3 balls each. The 3 balls in each sleeve have the same ID number, usually from 1 to 4, but in some cases the ID number can go up to 8 or 9 (mostly with Titlest brand). The purpose of the number is to identify your ball on the fairway. If two people are both using Titlest balls for example, then they can tell who's ball belongs to which person. Never in a foursome of players will any two players use the same brand ball with the same ID number.

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    In tournaments and even in friendly play, players often use the same brand of golf ball. The number on the ball is one identification method. In addition, the starter will ask each player to place distinguishing markings on his/her ball so that identification is more exact. Case in point . The second fairway parallels the first at Yale. I played a Slazenger Raw Distance #2. Starter said to add a distinguishing mark. I retorted " No one else would play this ball" but I marked it as instructed. I pulled my ball left off the first tee and it stayed in the fairway. There were two balls side by side, both Slazenger Raw Distance #2. Mine had a "W" between the names. The other had a line over the Slazenger name.

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    to identify your ball from another of the same make and model but since there are so many of the same at any time on the golf course most people add there own individual marks on their ball mainly because it is a 2 stroke penalty for hitting the wrong ball!

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    So you can tell them apart, you carry two balls on you at least-so if you hit one O B you have a back up. and if you hit them in the same area you know which is which.

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    no, they do nothing....they're just there to help golfers determine whose ball is whose.

    multiple golfers may use the same Nike ball, but if one's is a 1 and the others is a 3, you can tell them apart.

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    it identifies your ball from other people you are plaing with

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