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what is a good beginning breed of show dogs?

i have had dogs befor and i can handle large or small dogs

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    Have you handled dogs in a show ring? There is a difference. I think the working breeds are easiest.

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    I think it's best to show your preferred breed of dog, one you know how to handle and are passionate about. I show my Samoyed and I really enjoy it because I love Samoyeds and I am with him so often I can handle him. Good luck, people always give me crap about dog showing being stuck-up and making a dog become a snob but it's not, it's really enjoyable and it is really fun, no matter if you win or lose, just knowing that you and the dog worked together to show the dog to the best of it's ability.

  • A responsible breeder in your area should be able to help you. Don't expect to be in the arena first show - it takes time and lots of practice to learn how to properly show off a dog. Best advise I can think of, is to find a breed your interested in showing, and finding a good breeder that shows that type of dog - and ask if you can volunteer to help so you can learn the ropes. Good luck :)

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    Whatever you want. Any type of dogs are shown. Just make sure you thoroughly research their grooming and AKC requirements to whatever breed you choose before you choose them, preferably. Good luck!

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    Well labs are easy to train, and seems like when I go to dog shows there are always lots and lots of labs there.

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    I'd stick to the hound group. Maybe a Basset?

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    We have a mini aussie and she does great in shows and i started showing her when i was 10 she rearly gets second always first

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    german shepard!!

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