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Jealousy: are Scorpios, Virgos, &Leos known for this trait?

And how does each exhibit his/her jealousy in romantic relationships?

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    Well to be honest, practically every sign would be easily jealous in romantic relationships, i mean you don't want to see your partner look at somebody else.

    based on the people i know.

    Leos- they start getting childish and says stuff like "If you like him/her so much, then just dump me and go to them".

    Scorpios-noticed most of them says stuff like "Stop getting so close to that guy/girl."

    Virgos- Well i haven't really seen one jealous, they seem to keep their cool pretty well, but you can tell their jealous sometimes when they start ignoring you, or show some body signs.


  • scorpios,cancerians and taurus are possesive of their partners, friends and family and their jealousy is clear to see, virgos see jealousy as a weakness but they may nick-pick at a person who makes em feel insecure, leo's are pretty self-assured but thats easily shaken and a mean side appears.

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    I know that Scorpio's are but I've never heard of virgos or leo's being that. Maybe a Taurean.

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    haven't really seen this about Virgos or Leos, per se, I know that about scorpios, but wouldn't this really depend on the placement of the moon? or can sun define this also? oh and don't forget us cancers, we can be very jealous.

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    Scorpios can be jealous in romantic relationship, so I've read. They can may want to get revenge when their jealous and stuff.

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    virgos arent jelous really just want to know the little details such as where are you going, with who etc not because there jelous.

    all leos i know are control freaks and get jelous easily.

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