What Do You Think Would Be Good Names?

Im Having My Baby In A Week And I Dont Know What It Is Boy Or Girl! My Boyfriend And I Wanted It To Be A Surprise! What Would Be Good Both Boys And Girls Names? Can You Give Me At Least 5 Names Of Each Sex?

Thanks Alot!

Dont Ask How Old I Am! Im Only 12! No Lie!


No I Have No Support From My Fam. They Are So Mad They Left Me :(( But Anyways I Would Never Use Those Kind Of Names!

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    1 decade ago
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    wow yu are so young to be a mommy,I can only hope yu have support from yur family.

    anyways.[] <<what ever I put in that is tha prounounciations.

    girls;;Carissa Marie,Mariah Dene'[denay],Annaleigh[aunna lee] Grace,Jessica Lynn,Sadie Mae,Hannah Grace,Megan Leigh,Kristin Marie,Marissa Faith.

    && I hardly put together any guy names with middle names but;;Adam Nicholas,David Lee,Micheal James,or James Micheal,Ryan Lee,Isaac Joseph,Joseph Micheal,Christopher James,Christopher Lee,Tyler Ryan.

    please whatever yu do don't name yur girl;francis,ann,anna,macy,brittany,jordan,tracy,maddy ,joy,or anything that isn't versitile for when she's a kid && an adult.

    && please don't name yur boy;scott,zane,tommy,tony,bobby,cole,richard,charles,tanner,chandler or taylor.

    again be versitile.

    but don't give yur kid a name that could be used for a boy && a girl.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    marcus, michael, tyler, regan, rashad, dylan for a boy

    morgan, skylah, nevaeh, heaven, adrianna for a girl

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