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I don`t know if i have a sprained or badly bruised ankle! Help please??

Hello, 3 days ago i was playing soccer, i was on a breakaway to the net and all of a sudden the goalie had charged me. I moved to the right so the ball was in my right foot possetion. Right when i kicked the ball i hit the goalie and my ankle had moved the wrong way. Me not being smart , played the rest of the game with no subs. Now i can support it but with a limp. Somedays it kills somedays it doesnt! Did i sprain,twist, bruise or what and do i need crutches?

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    Unfortunately, without being able to look at your ankle in person, it's not possible to diagnose you. However, persistent pain as you described is worrisome for a sprain or, perhaps worse, a fracture ('broken bone').

    If you cannot walk on your ankle and there's swelling of the area, then I suggest you see your doctor. He/she can examine your ankle carefully and decide if you just sprained a ligament or if you actually may have gotten a small fracture.

    If needed, a simple (and cheap) foot x-ray can be done, but this is not usually the case. There's no need to suffer or try and guess what's wrong. What's worse, if your ankle is actually broken, then you need to see someone and make sure it heals correctly. Don't suffer - go see your doctor!

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    It sounds like you might have sprained it but it's hard to say without looking at it. Either way, you should get off your foot. Elevate it (raise it above your heart if you can) and ice it while doing so. If you have one, wrap your ankle in a compression bandage to reduce swelling. Aspirin will take away the but if you don't see any improvement within the next day or two, you should probably see a doctor. Feel better!

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