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Upgrade Nintendo DS?

What retail stores allow you to take your Nintendo DS to them and upgrade it to a Nintendo DS Lite? What does this cost?

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    You can go to gamestop. They give you store credit that you can use to get a DS lite. The costs depends on the condition of the DS. If it's in good condition you'll get about $60 for it, maybe more, so to get a DS lite, that will cost you $70. Just go to the store and ask. Hope I helped =)

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    The stores that get close to offering that, won't give you enough money back to buy a lite.

    Anyways I would wait to get a DS Lite because it's expected that Nintendo will be releasing a new Handheld device early next year. I would take a look at this years E3 to get more information. and should be getting information on this years E3 soon.

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    You can't upgrade it for free. You can only trade it in, and use that money for a new DS lite which costs 129.99 the last time I checked.

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    minus the value of the old one from the cost of a new one and there you answer seacrh price at gamespot might be 30 dollars or more

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