Looking for a song?

I am looking for a song. Unfortunately, I don't know the artist, lyrics, just the melody ..it goes something like ...tatatatata tatatata ,.. ok ok just kidding ..but seriously now , I do remember that the song was played in the originial TV Show Knight Rider (it is played right at the beginning of the episode just showing Kit driving ... ) My question is, is there any resource for all the songs featured in all the Knight Rider episodes, I am talking about the original episodes in the 80's here ..not the new stuff from 2000 and beyond. That song was played in a lot of TVshows ..but can't even remember the lyrics. Darn!

I know I am very vague here, so sorry.

Thank you in advance for any feedback :)


All I found so far was the following link:


but the song is not on the list :(

Update 2:

Thank you all for tyring to help out. The song is not the theme just a song that happens to be played for a few minutes as soon as the epsiode starts ..kit just driving along ... This one may be hard to figure out ...but I'll keep looking :)

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