How to tell if I sprained or broke my finger?

when i was playing football yesterday, i tried to catch the ball and it hit my finger, after it got really swollen and now its all black and blue in the joint, and its really stiff and hurts whenever i move it. i also cant open it all the way and i cant even get it to close a little bit, so its in this like "hunched over" kind of postition. thanks

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    1 decade ago
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    The smartest thing to do if it is very bruised and swollen is to go see a Doctor. The Doctor will probably take some X-rays and if you do have a broken finger or sprained finger he will help you with everything. You will probably have to stay out for a while if it is sprained or broken to let the finger completely heal, because if you don`t you could end up with problems for life in your finger. Hope i helped :)

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