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Roommate Abuses Dog? Need Advice.?

I moved in with someone who I thought was my friend a few months ago. He has a pit bull, and I have a black lab. He neglects the Pit Bull for days at a time and leaves. When he comes back and the dog is covered in its waste from not being let out to exercise, he beats it for making a mess in its cage. The dog spends about 97% of the day in its cage in the garage whining and beating on the cage. I try to let him out from time to time, but it is tough for me to get him to come back, and he is always covered in pee and jumps on my dog and on me. I am wondering if I notify animal control if I and my other roommates would be held responsible and would they take my dog. I don't want to lose my dog, and there is no reason why she should be taken from me as I take excellent care of her and she is always by my side. My roommates dog is so beaten that when you bend down to pet it, it pees on you even when it is inside. Whenever this happens, my roommate tortures his dog for its actions.


What do I do? I can't live anymore with my slob of a roommate who tortures his dog. I just don't know what to do.

Update 2:

I am also worried about the fact that the pit owner repeatedly reminds me and his other roommates that he has guns in the house whenever we say anything about trying to do something about how he treats his dog. We have no idea of where the guns are, and I just really feel unsafe about the whole issue.

Update 3:

The only reason he ever really gives for having the dog is that he is going to stud the dog out. This is why i am so worried about what he will do to us if the dog is taken.

Update 4:

It is difficult for me to move out because i am on the lease, and he is too. The lease cannot be changed unless all parties agree.

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    oh dear...what a sad story...

    1) I WOULD notify animal control and I WOULD TELL MY ROOMMATE that I had done so....there is NO EXCUSE for his behavior.

    2) I would MOVE OUT....if this is supposed to be a friend...consider new friends.

    The peeing is a "submissive" thing and your friend is making the situation worse by torturing the dog for his actions....

    When I said move out...I did not realise (I reread the question) that there are many of ou him move out with the dog...HOWEVER...I would still report it. You will not lose your dog....they will be able to see the difference between a neglected and a well cared for animal...

    Good luck...that poor dog NEEDS your HELP

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    You are absolutely right to consider calling animal control.

    I would like to say no, they will not take your dog. But I'm not an animal control officer, and I really don't know how they would deal knowing that your roommate is still in the home with your dog. I'm guessing that they don't really want to take dogs away (considering how overwhelmed they are) when it is not absolutely necessary. Your lab will mostly likely stay....the pit however, NEEDS someone to speak up for him. Please call animal control, that is definitely the right thing to do.

    *Jesus Christ man...this guy sounds crazy. You need to think about calling the cops and terminating that lease. Not a guy I would share a home with...

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    Dogs pee when they are scared to death and also when they are excited. You have to move. Get out of the situation. DO NOT tell him (or the others) where you move to. After you're all moved in with other roommates, THEN you can turn him in. You need to do this for the dog's sake. He's a helpless, innocent victimized creature who did nothing to deserve this bas**** for an owner.

    He obviously doesn't want a dog or else he would be more compassionate.

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    Wow, I almost cried. I was in a similar situation neighbor had two SKINNY german Shepard's and I was only 11 or 12... so I didnt know to call animal control... I just walked down there every day and fed them a little bowl of dog food.. I wish I could have gotten them a better home though.. but Yes, Call them.. tell them your situation and they should only take the pit... considering your dogs in good hands.. e-mail me and let me know what happens...

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    Would you be asking yourself whether or not to call the authorities if this was your roommates human child? Get that dog some help now, it is your responsibility as a witness to act now and get this dog some help. Your roommate needs to be turned in and never be allowed any animal companions again!

    Edit: Give me your location and I'll alert the authorities myself! That way you'll be completely anonymous. Just an option.

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    okay the gun situation leave the house one day and bring your dog with you because if he gets mad he'll take it out on your dog go to the animal control place tell them your situation and tell them he has a gun that he has threatened you and your roommates with. if they hear that they will bring back up (police) they will take the dog and leave yours alone..the guy will probably be taken to jail. 1 for abusing the dog and 2 for threatening you with a gun

    EDIT: pit bulls aren't illegal in all states it just depends where this person lives. i live in west virginia and my neighbors have about 3 pitbulls and they are the sweetest things oh adn their parents own a pit bull breeding place in Florida (they are rich people too they paid for thier house in cash)

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    First call the police and let them see the conditions in which the dog is living! Also! Tell them of the implied threats your room mate has made and file charges. Good Luck!

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    Call the cops! Say you're a neighbor with a suspicion about the pitbull, say the lab seems fine, just the pit, and you want the complain to be anynomous. They'll contact the ASPCA and investigate. You won't lose your dog if he's in good health. Hopefully your roommate will be arrestted and you won't have to deal with the psycho anymore. PLEASE CALL!

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    you need to get away from there, move out, and report him!!! One day when he is gone call the local authorities and have them come remove the dog. PERIOD! you can not sit back and allow this to continue, that is inhumane! I wish i could lock people like this up in a kennel for ddays at a time to sit, stand,eat and sleep in their own waste.

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    i say leave then turn in your house mate / find new place to live then turn him in . thats so sad . i cried as i read this dogs are meant to be loved and never abused . i dont know if you would lose your dog too as you take care of yours .

    but could you deal with roommate if you turned him in and stayed living there . ?

    but please do the right thing for your room mates dog and call some one on him . get him help

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