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Do you think my shy almost two year old Sheltie could do agility?

I have two young Shelties. My female just turned two and is proving to be very promising at agility. She got two scores of 198 at her first two trials. She is very outgoing, energetic, intelligent, and quick. She is also very sweet. My male is also sweet but much more reserve. He is weary of new things like new people, places, and dogs. Because of this, I never took him to obedience and agility classes. I did teach him basic obedience at home though and he's mastered sit, down, come, and long stays. I tried to teach him to jump over a make-shift hurdle but he was a bit scared of it! I thought if I took him to watch a class with my female in it (they are best friends and play together all the time) that I could see if he is interested. Has anyone seen a shy dog do agility? I mean, he's not a total coward or anything. He is very affectionate and likes to be pet by new people after checking them out. And he's equally smart. Should I give it a shot with him?

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    By all means you should take him to agility class. I have three shelties, my female, now almost four will get her AKC MACH soon. I started her in agility BECAUSE she was shy. It gave her soooo much confidence. You have to work slow with a shy dog and don't rush them. Be sure they get on equipment when THEY are ready, not you or the rest of the class.

    I also have a sheltie I rescued at one year old. He had been neglected and never socialized. He still has some issues and he still gets scared easily, but he competes at the Excellent level now. We use lots of great treats in training and he loves agility.

    So, sign your guy up for a puppy class (even though my rescue was already a year old, I put him in puppy agility first, it was a great confidence booster) or beginner class. You've done this before, you already have a good sit, down, stay and recall. Go for it!

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    The first thing that you did wrong....don't take this that you pampered his fears. Especially because of his fears you should have taken him to classes and soclialized him. People do not realize how important that is!!! I appreciate that you taught him basic obedience at home and that is a GOOD thing. However, HE NEEDS TO GET OUT AND LEARN TO SOCIALIZE...otherwise he will never make a good Agility dog. IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH GIVING IT A SHOT.....BUT...I would first take him to an Obedience or Rally Obedience class where he can get used to all the other dogs around. It will also help with focus (particularly the Rally Obedience)....Then on to Agility classes...he needs the exposure!

    Good luck to you...I am sure I just tries to answer the other question you asked. I hope I was able to be more helpful this time.

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