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Bangs And Small Foreheads.?

I Have A Very Small Forehead, Three Fingers Wide. My Hair Is Medium Length. (mid back) And In Layers, I Wanna Chnage My Look, But i Dont Want To Dye It, So I Was Thinking, Maybe Bangs, But I DOnt Know If That Woudl Look Good On Such A Small Forehead, Lol. Tell Me What You Think.

Is A Pik Needed?

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    Side swept bangs look good on small foreheads ( ignore the odd hair color. Those bangs do look good)

    They'll accent your forehead and give all of your outtfits a cute flair. They're not very high matenince, either. :]

    Go for it!

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    My suggestion would be that if you wanted to change up the style a little bit, just add a small layer of bangs or even a side swoop bang for added effect. Don't make the bangs too thick at all, just a small layer.

    My rule of thumb.....when I cut a small layer of bangs, I go back 1 inch from the hairline and there you go! Your first knuckle is an inch if that helps too.

    Good luck to ya!

    Source(s): Hairstylist - 19 years.
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    5 years ago

    You dont have a small forehead, side bangs would look good on you

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    I have a small forehead but I just got bangs two days ago and everyone loves them! Make sure you have it done in a salon (don't even think of doing it yourself!).

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    bangs are usually used to cover bigger foreheads or to hide imperfections...with a small forehead bangs would look awkward and unnecessary......but a side swept bang would be perfect (this is a guess since there is no pic)...

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    i dont think you can get bangs with a small forhead- itll look werid..maybe try to gwt short layers or side bangs

  • Lissy
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    1 decade ago

    Bangs are MUCH better on a small forhead than a high one!

  • 4 years ago

    The Thing With The Capitalization Is Bugging Me Why Do You Do That

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    i think bangs r cute on anyone who takes care of them.

    good luck dear.

  • Alex.
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    1 decade ago

    hmmm..... ya bangs are great but you should have like big bangs that will look cute ! well good luck hun..

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