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what make-up is this girl wearing? (eye liner etc??)?

I'm asking because i wanna have a bit of make up on like her. Do you think i can? I'm 13, and i dont know if my mom will let me...

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    Her makeup looks pretty's what to do.

    -put on moisturizer

    -put on a foundation or cover up(make sure it matches skin tone!)

    -pale pink blush(if you could find one with shimmer or highlighers in it it would be better)

    -she looks like she has a navy blue or purple eyeliner on, mostly on the corners of her lower eyelid(DO NOT put any eyeliner on top!)

    -I would curl lashes, put on mascara(2 coats), and then curl again.

    -then i have no idea what color lips she has in the picture, but i would go with a nude gloss.

    I hope this helps!!

    Oh, and for the eyeliner use a contrasting colors. On dark eyes use light colors and on light eyes use dark colors.

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    1 decade ago

    she isnt wearing much!

    just a little eyeliner and mascara

    she hasn't got eyeliner across the hole of her bottom eye- as you can see its only bout mid way getting thicker towards the outer edge of the eye

    the top is also getting thicker towards the edge of the eye, but goes nearly across the entire tope eye lid

    she then has just a little mascara to darken them a bit

    its not much so im sure your mom will let hope i helped!

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    eyeliner and mascara .

    my mom didnt let me wear anything til i was like 12 or 13.

    you should just try some mascara . that really makes your eyes pop. thats all i wear. i love to be more natural=] too many celebs make it seem like you need a whole thing of eyeliner and a whole palat of eye shadow everyday. not me=]

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    Hii the girl is wearing:

    Eye liner



    Im sure your mom will let you because i started wearing make-up when i was 10 well just lipgloss but now I wear everything :)

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    1 decade ago

    it looks like black/charcoal eyeliner on outside of the top and bottom near the lashes. also black/charcoal macara &+ curled eyelshes. i dont see any reason why you shouldnt be allowed. its not trashy or overdone.

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    1 decade ago

    just eyeliner and mascara. ya i think u can. i wore makeup at 12 like that.

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    1 decade ago

    it looks like she just put eyeliner right above her lashes.

    I do it all the time.but don't do it too thick.

    just put your eyeliner where you usually put it.Then put a THIN line of eyeliner right above your eyelashes

  • 1 decade ago

    eye liner.


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