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How to get my blue hair color out ?!?

So i just bleached my hair like a couple weekends ago and i put blue in.. now i want it out! i tried putting a dark color over and its still there and i tried swimming cause of the chlorine. How do i get it out ?! please help

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    i've had many many different styles of hair color. I've done hot pink, red, orange, blue. I'm sort of an expert on the subject matter. Unfortunately there isn't anything you can do to get out permenant hair color ESPECIALLY if you bleached it. The only way to get it out (which WILL damage your hair) is to re bleach it and dye it the color you really want. Other than that you have to wait til it all fades which should be a few weeks.

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    my cousin put pink in her hair and it came straight out after 3 or 4 weeks. theres nothing u can really do about it until then.

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    go to a hairdresser

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    cut it off

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