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i really want a boyfriend but my parents wont let me have one how can i talk them into it?

its not like we are going to do anthing BAD

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    well depends how old are you a reasonable age would be 13.

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    If you want a boyfriend just for the sake of having a boyfriend, forget it. If you have a specific guy in mind, on the other hand, and can imagine marrying him some day, suggest to him that he phone your dad and ask his permission to date his daughter. Then, your dad will feel respected, and will be able to develop trust for your guy friend. Bottom line, is, your parents love you so much they're trying to protect you. Help them do their job by getting them involved with your friends.

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    Im 12 adn waht i did was let my parents met him so they chose to let me date! I only date nice guys so it ALWAYS works for me! Just introduce them!

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    just let them know that your not a whore and your not gonna end up pregnant. How old are u?? im 15 and my parents dont let me date either.

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    mine told me the same thing and im 12 who cares i want to if i want

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