Is it okay if you DON'T get the nose stud put in first when you get your nose pierced?

because i just got mine pierced a couple days ago, and I didnt want a stud first. I wanted a hoop.

But some people say that you should leave the stud in for around 6 weeks before you get to change it to a hoop. But oh well. The person that pierced it didnt say anything about me having to do that.

Oh, and it really doesn't hurt as much as some people say it does.

It just feels like extreme pinching. I thought i would be really scared, since i am TERRIFIED of needles, but i really wasnt.

I say that if you REALLY want the piercing, then you shouldnt be scared at all when you get it :]


I DID read the care instructions.

and I asked for the hoop, but i just wasnt sure if it was safer to get the stud or the hoop put in first.

Thats why I asked this question.

So, don't be rude to me saying I answered my own question.

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    It's alright to use the hoop if it's stainless steal and hypoallergenic. If you bought it at the same place you got your nose pierced it should be. Just keep cleaning it like you should be to prevent infection. Use the yellow kind of Listerine and clean the hoop while gently sliding it back and forth also be sure to swab the area around the piercing. Do this twice a day. If redness and swelling occur, remove the piercing and call a doctor.

    When I was 18 I wanted to get a piercing. A bunch of people recommended a local tattoo parlor that did piercings. I couldn't decide whether I wanted my eyebrow or nose pierced. I decided on my eyebrow when the guy doing my piercing told me he would I would have to wear a hoop through my nose for six weeks since studs had a higher tendency to form scar tissue. Unlike you I didn't want a hoop.

    Congrats on your piercing!

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    Whatever they put in you, you should leave in. That helps to find out what's going wrong if you get an infection. (You may be allergic to the metal) Changing the jewelrey is just a GREAT opprotunity for little germy-worms to get in there and do their stuff. If you already changed it, you need to clean it MORE OFTEN. You need to clean the ENTIRE hoop and spin it through the peircing so that whatever you use to clean it is also in the new hole. If you wanted a hoop, you should have had them pierce you with a hoop, hard to believe that they didn't anyway, that's pretty standard body piercing stuff, they are easier to keep clean.

    Just because the person that poked ya didn't mention it doesn't mean it's ok. How long had they been doing it? They SHOULD have given you care instructions, which you should have read completely. You probably signed that you did. If it was something you were thinking about doing, and she didn't mention it, the fact that you DIDN'T ASK her means that you had already made the choice to do it, even if it was a bad idea. You may or may not have a problem, but get all the facts next time, because that is ultimately your responsibility. It's your health, and you're asking about it NOW.

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    Yes you can get it pierced with a hoop...obviously since you have it?

    And uh.. thanks for the advice but I already have my nose pierced... so...

    I don't really understand why you posted this. You answered your own question.

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