Sirus to XM Satelite Radio?

Sirus to XM Satelite radio?

So I love XM Satellite radio and I have it in my home and in my car! In my car its just a little after market reciver I suck up on the dash. I am going to buy a new car and the car I really want does not come with XM but it does have SIRUS Built-into the dash, what I want is XM Built in to the dash...Can I have the Factory system switched from SIRUS to XM after market?

I am hoping I could just take the car to somone and have them switch out the Sirus reciver thingie for an XM reciver and still have the factory system in-tact in the dash where it belongs!

Is this possible, Where do I get it done and what might the cost be? Thank You

P.S The car I want to buy is a VW Rabbit!

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    1 decade ago
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    I don't believe so, but their merger is close to being a done deal so who knows?. Before the merger stuff, when an automaker puts one brand in, its usually exclusive to only that brand.

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