Guitar Buzz help!?

When i play my guitar it buzzes only at the 5th fret. All the strings buzz at the 5th. Why?

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    1 decade ago
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    The first answer is likely correct. Another problem if it's an older guitar is that the fret has sunken into the neck. Look at the neck from the side at the fret bar between the 5th and 6th fret....if it's sunken in it wll cause a buzz as the string will touch the next fret as well....

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    If you are pressing on the 5th fret and hear buzzing, the buzzing, most likely, is " the bottom of the strings bouncing off of the 6th fret. In other words, the sixth ( 6th) fret may be a little higher than the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th frets. Sometimes a guitar fretboard isn't notched out the same up and down the neck. The notches are where the fret wires are put in. A music store with a repairman can check it out for you, and maybe do some filing. Don't "YOU " attempt it if you never did things like this before, or you may mess it up for good, and besides, YOHAN did not see the guitar in person, and therefore I am only suggesting that 1 or 2 frets may be higher.

    Usually if the neck is warped, more than one area will buzz. But the other ANSWERER is correct in saying that your guitar may need a truss-rod adjustment. This, too, should be done by a music store repairman.

    One more thing........old, worn-out strings will buzz, because the bottoms of the strings get flat spots on them just above each fret where the string and fret meet when pressing. This often causes buzzing because all the strings are now " hitting lower " on the fretboard. GOT THAT ??

    Concerning the frets again, I'm not sure of your explanation of " BUZZIN AT THE 5TH FRET ". Are U sayin' that when you press all the strings at the 4th Fret that all the strings are buzzing off of the 5th ???

    I think my 1st response to you is correct.........when pressing at the 5th fret.....the strings are, again, I am saying the the buzz you hear is most likely " THE BOUNCING OF THE STRINGS OFF OF THE NEXT FRET UP.......which would be fret # 6.

    See a repairman.....and let me know how you made out .

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    1 decade ago

    Your action (how high the string is off the fretboard) is too high or you need to adjust the neck relief via the truss rod. The way you do this will differ depending on what guitar you have. But if you want a good set up bring it to a pro, and never adjust the neck if you don't know how to do it right.

    Good luck

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    1 decade ago

    you need to adjust the neck with the truss rod..look up guitar setup there are a few online.

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