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Has anyone here ever actually been caught or sued for using limewire?

or someone you know? Becuase technically downloading music without paying is illegal..Can you ever get caught using limewire?How? (Im not saying being caught as in someone walking into your room or something) ( I mean caught through the internet or something like that)

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    My step dad's coworker got sued for downloading copyrighted music from Limewire. Limewire itself is not illegal because it's simply a file sharing program. It's the copyrighted files that's illegal to download and upload to Limewire that's making that illegal.

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    USING Limewire is legal. Downloading copyrighted material is ILLEGAL. Some people has been sued, although they were most likely downloading hundreds of thousands of songs or selling them.

    There has been lots of lawsuits where the record companies sue Limewire. I would not worry about using Limewire, because, by you asking this question, I assume that you are not going to sell or downloads tens of gig's of music. "They" can find out if you are using Limewire by tracking your IP address.

    Also, just to clarify things, using Limewire Pro IS NOT ANY LESS ILLEGAL!!! Paying for Limewire Pro DOES NOT pay for all of those licenses to own that music.

    Oh and by the way, try to limit your Metallica downloads, because they are the lead pursuers in the war against downloading music.

    Hope I helped and e-mail me if you have anymore questions.

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    Many Many people have been sued by the RIAA for downloading music with Limewire, Kazza, Grokster, etc. Just look up Jammie Thomas.

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