Pumping for a 10 month old?

I breastfeed my 10 month old daughter and have never needed to pump before. In about a month I have to leave her for about 12 hours and will have to pump milk for her to drink while I'm gone. I just bought a breast pump so that I can give her some pumped milk every once in a while to get her used to it. I was wondering if, at her age, she should drink the milk out of a bottle or sippy cup? She sometimes drinks water out of a sippy. Also, how much milk should I pump? She also eats some solids, usually a couple of cans of baby food a day and some snacks. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!

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    My advice? Try the pumped milk in a sippy. At about 1 yr you can do away with any bottles, and if this isn't a habit for her already, because of the breastfeeding, don't start it now! Babies are pretty adaptable, but since the milk is pumped, she won't confuse you trying to replace yourself with a bottle. At about 10 months all my kiddos were nursing 8-10 ozs a feeding, so figure you'll need at least 20-24 ozs just to be safe (durig a 12hour period). You can freeze breastmilk if you need to & put in in a pot of warm water to thaw...just remember-no microwave! It'll break down all your natural nutrients!

    Good luck, mama!

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    Pump for about 15 minutes per side (a double pump makes this faster) or until you don't get anything but drops out. Your body knows how much you make and how much she eats so it will just be a natural thing; whatever comes out is how much she drinks. If she is used to a sippy cup try that first, babies who don't regularly take bottles may not like them but buy a good one (like an Avent) to have just in case. Finding time to pump if you are already used to regular feedings may be difficult (as in once a breast is empty you can't get any more out of it until the next feeding) but you can try now to 'make' an extra feeding if you will that is your pump time like maybe after she goes to bed pump every night until you get a supply for the evening that you can have pre pumped. Then when you are gone make sure to pump at your regularly scheduled times so not to lose your supply. Once you are done with this event you can quit pumping the evening supply and it will go away or you could keep doing it and save it for another time in the freezer or refrigerator.

    Milk can be stored at room temp for 10 hours (as long as it hasn't been drank out of), the fridge for 8 days and the freezer for 3 months. Can be in a deep freezer for 6 months or longer depending on how cold and how often it's opened.

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    If she is comfortable with a sippy, and hasn't used a bottle, I would stick with the sippy cup. This way you don't introduce something different just for a one or two time thing.

    How ever many breastmilk meals she would normally get during the time you will be gone, assume she will drink about 8 ounces each, plus an extra 8 ounces just in case. My niece at that age would drink that much but if it's less then you have plenty she can just drink later with a solid meal.

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    It will probably be difficult at this point for you to pump, so I'd pump just when I was uncomfortable myself. Oh, you mean before you go? Well, 8 oz at least if it's 12 hours, more if you can manage. She can drink it out of a cup.

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    If she already uses a cup, then try using that first before going to a bottle.

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    still at 10 months old she should still be focused on milk, anything extra is just ate for practise.

    Since pumps dont pump as much as a baby would be able to suck out I would pump every 2 hours, just long enough to have a let down pump the let down and empty the breast. Drink lots of water, and sometimes it helps to think of your baby when your pumping to produce a stronger let down.

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